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Thread: What do you clean your glasses with?

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    What do you clean your glasses with?


    Trying to find the best cleaner/sanitizer combo for 3-sink mechanical brush behind-bar glass cleaning system. I caught them using a quat for sanitizer a while ago which explained the head-retention problems we'd been having...

    Currently using LFD for cleaner, 5-star Star San for sanitizer.

    Got a nice brochure on beer clean products, not sure how well they work.

    On a related note, some of our beer glasses inevitably wind up in the kitchen dishwasher. Of course, they don't come out anything close to "beer clean". Given that I can't totally eliminate them going through the dishwasher, does anyone know how I can minimize the soap/grease/etc. left on the glasses by it?

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    Dry powder soap

    One lesson I just learnt this week is DONT use powder soap with a mechanical glass washer. Luckily we were still under warrenty with it. The lady told me that what happens is the granules do not disolve all the way and get in the plastic gears that turn the brushes and acts like sandpaper. Makes since, just wondering why there was no warning on the side of the machine.... Anyways just something to be aware of..


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    Beer Clean

    We use Beer Clean products and have had great luck with them for years.
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    We use Beer Clean Glassware Cleaner 1/2 Oz Packets
    Widely avaliable, and conveniently measured
    Removes lipstick, grease and protein matter, without leaving residues that kill the heads on beer.

    Also instill that NOTHING but beer in your beer glasses, no sodas or mixed drinks

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbrodka
    Also instill that NOTHING but beer in your beer glasses, no sodas or mixed drinks
    Uh huh. Working on that. Bartenders are way more finicky than any yeast that I've worked with....

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