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Thread: Solder in contact with wort

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    Solder in contact with wort

    Just checking to see if there is any bad effects of having "no lead" (no cadmium also) solder in contact with wort in the boiling kettle?

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    If it's the same stuff used to "sweat copper" for residential and commercial pluming i would think it would be "OK", but obviously a sanitary weld would be ideal.

    Is this a temporary fix?? ..or is the owner just a tightwad?

    Temps in a BK would be a bit higher than your average hot water heater would put out, may lead to some problems in the long run.
    Jeff Byrne

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    I would not use it on any thing exposed to acidic wort,beer chems,etc.Because it can leach tin as well as lead which is toxic to yeast,even lead-free & silver contain lots of tin.I would get it properly sanitary welded IMHO. Just my .02$. CHEERS!!!

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