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Thread: Stout - Nitrogenated or Not?

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    Stout - Nitrogenated or Not?

    Just curious - how many breweries carbonate/serve their stout with nitrogen/mixed gas and how many serve it carbonated like all their other beers? I ask because in our section of the galaxy people don't believe it's a stout unless it's nitrogenated.


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    no nitro = not stout ???

    So folks in your neck of the woods have never seen a bottled stout?

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    I feel your pain....Many beer drinkers seemed to have been completely hoodwinked when Guiness swapped Pub Draught for Extra Stout around here in the early 90's. They now somehow think that all stout should be on nitrogen. Years ago we gave in to bars/customers wanting our stout on nitrogen. We kegged it both ways - and most bars wanted the nitrogenated version. However, after a couple of years of that I finally just said "no". Our stout is a fairly robust beer and I just felt it was a better beer on CO2 than nitro. It was the right decision for us, even though we sell less of it than we did on nitrogen.

    If I were to craft a stout for nitrogen dispense, I would definitely stick to a dry stout with a lower terminal gravity. To me, any beer with much body & malt character just comes across syrupy with the low CO2 volume (1.8v or so) that comes with nitrogenation.

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    We had the same problem. We tried our dry Irish stout on both CO2 and nitrogen/CO2 mix, and had the following results. We sold more pints in the taproom of our brewery because people loved wathcing the cascading effect in the beer. But we couldn't sell growlers of it, since it would be flat once it got home. So overall we lost sales in our taproom. Outside sales, we couldn't get our nitro stout to separate in a black-n-tan, which means most restaurants wouldn't take Guinness off for our stout. It's not the nitro that makes the beers separate, it's the really low FG of Guinness that makes it float. And most places were not interested in giving up another tap to have two stouts on. And then places where we already had our CO2 stout did not want to switch to the expense of getting a mixed gas and a new faucet. So we stuck with a normallay carbonated stout, which to me tastes better anyway.
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    authentic stout

    Nitrogen is nice....but an authentic stout is without it!

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