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Thread: weight of a 10bbl system

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    weight of a 10bbl system

    Curious if anyone knows an average weight of each vessel in a 10bbl system? Trying to find out if the floor in the space i have will accomodate a system this size. Any help is appreciated. Cheers!

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    Making the assumption that your tanks weight 100 to 120 pound, (45 to 55 kg), per each barrel and water weighing at 248 pounds per barrel, (113 kg) beer weighing slightly more, assuming 275 pounds per barrel, (125 kg), your 10 bbl frementer could weigh between 3750 pounds, (1700 kg) to 3950 pounds (1800 kg) full of beer.

    To play it safe assume that each one of your ten barrel tanks weighs around 4000 pounds, (1820 kg) full of beer.

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