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Thread: Attracting Investors

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    Question Attracting Investors

    I work in the economic development field on Canada's west coast. Given our local area's attributes I am currently involved in preliminary research to discover the potential for attracting investors to develop and operate a small to medium sized craft brewery in our area. Has anyone been involved in similar projects that may provide advice on this effort? I would also appreciate learning from those currently operating a brewery what attracted them to open up in their current locations? Finally, what would be on the "wish list" of potential investors that may be searching for a place to start or expand a brewery? Thanks, all!

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    Big Subject and so little space.
    General response,
    - Need to provide at least a general marketing plan for investors, consisting of at least the following;
    Population and age group
    potential for sales in the area,
    current beer sales, on and off premises.
    - Investors always look for incentives, taxes!, reduced, difffered, suspended for x amount a time, this is for property, labour, sales.
    - Local, federal grants for setting up business there.
    - Labour cost

    These are some of the areas we looked at and why we set up where we did.
    The more information you can provide, accurate, and specific to the brewing industry, the better.

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