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Thread: One Million for Schell

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    One Million for Schell

    Schell Brewing continues to grow after 147 years

    After 147 years of doing business, August Schell Brewing Co. in Minnesota has brewed one million cases of beer for the first time.

    To celebrate president Ted Marti later took the case of Schmaltzís Alt to an old horse-drawn wagon, which Schellís sometimes uses in parades. However, the special case of dark brown beer made the trip to several downtown restaurants and bars in an SUV because the old wagon needs some work and the horses that usually pull it were not available.

    Schellís selected Schmaltzís Alt for its millionth case to honor Martiís father, Warren Schmaltz Marti, who was president of the brewery from 1965 to 1986.

    Schellís is the nationís second oldest operating brewery.

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    Congrats Schell; a much deserved day of glory!

    I hate to be nitpicky but your facts are incorrect.

    The Minhas Craft Brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin was founded 1845 thus making them the second oldest operating brewery in the United States behind Yuengling in PA (founded 1829).

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    It should have read "second oldest family-owned brewery." Ted is the fifth generation owner.

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    Looks like you are right.



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