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Thread: Thinking of a new building...

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    Thinking of a new building...

    I am looking at having a steel building built for a small micro brewery, 15-20BBL system with bottling. Probably around 5k sq ft.

    I would buy a place but finding one with drains is very difficult and doesn't appear to be all that cheap. I can get 2.5 acres for 75k with access to all needed utilities so add the cost of a steel building, insulated, heated, sloped floors to drains/trench and the other small requirements doesn't appear too bad.

    Has anyone looked into this in the past? Recommendations?

    I am curious about the internal walls, basic washable liner panels sufficient?


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    Give me a call and we can chat.

    207-856-2537 x100
    Kai Adams
    Sebago Brewing Company

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    I work in a 5ooo sqf Steel building that is producing 13,000 Bbl's this year. It was built 4 years ago and works great. we have out grown it and are currently building a new brewery in an existing 35,000 sqf building. Please feel free to contact me with any questions as well.

    Mike Hall
    Oskar Blues Brewery
    Lyons, CO
    Mike Hall

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