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  1. Brewer putting out feelers.
  2. Experienced Brewer looking to relocate to Florida
  3. brewery intern/assistant brewer needed in Reno, NV
  4. 2012 American Brewers Guild Graduate looking for Brewer/Assistant Position
  5. Brewer with financial background seeking opportunity
  6. Available in Chicago
  7. US Kiwi has boots (and a calculator), will travel.
  8. Boundary Bay Brewery in Beautiful Bellingham WA seeking Brewer Assistant
  9. Nontraditional Anthropologist/Brewer Seeking Brewing Experience in St Pete/Tampa
  10. Well Experienced Brewer
  11. Recent Siebel Master Brewers Grad Seeking Brewer Position
  12. Experienced brewery worker looking for work in the Carolinas
  13. Brewer Services Offered
  14. Experienced brewer seeking employment in Oregon/Washington
  15. Available for hire in Seattle, WA
  16. Professional brewer seeking future employment
  17. Award-Winning Brewer based in San Diego looking for a Brewpub Opportunity
  18. Siebel grad looking to get my foot in the door
  19. German Brewer available for hire world wide.
  20. Assistant Brewer For Hire
  21. Off centered brewer seeks unique opportunity...
  22. Neurobiologist Looking for Any Brewing Job Anywhere
  23. Brewer ready for work
  24. award winning , 20 years plus experiance brewmaster for international prefferred
  25. PING, PING - Two Brewers Abroad have relocated to Colorado but looking everywhere!
  26. Assistant Available in the SF Bay Area
  27. Entry level jobs in Philadelphia or any where.
  28. Brewer Opening - Terrapin Beer Company - Athens, GA
  29. Brewer, Packager, Jack of All Trades...
  30. Shifting from wine into brewing / Willing to travel!
  31. Skilled Scientist
  32. Educated and Experienced Brewer Looking to Relocate
  33. Experienced Brewer/Cellarman
  34. Experienced brewer seeking employment
  35. Experienced, commercial brewer for hire.
  36. Looking to be you assistant brewer, willing to relocate.
  37. Experienced Brewer For Hire
  38. CPA Looking to get into Brewing Industry
  39. Looking for opportunity as an assistant brewer in China. (Currently live in Shanghai)
  40. Experienced brewer looking for brewing position
  41. Lab scientist and former assistant brewer seeking work in Chicago
  42. Looking for assistant brewer/cellar position. Siebel grad with experience.
  43. Seeking Entry Level Position in Denver Area
  44. Just moved to SoCal and looking for a brewery to take me in
  45. Looking for an entry level position in the Brewering Industry
  46. Looking for Head Brewer Canada, BC for Brew Pub
  47. Experienced San Diego area brewer available for consulting/contract work
  48. Very motivated worker looking for a position in Brewing or quality and R&D field
  49. 2 year exp as Head Brewer..seeking work abroad
  50. LF volunteer/intern opportunity Minnesota, Twin Cities
  51. Experienced Commercial Brewer Looking for Position in Metro Detroit, MI area
  52. Experienced GR, MI Brewer
  53. Experienced brewer looking for employment
  54. Experienced Commercial Brewer for New Opportunity
  55. Educated lead brewer w/ 4yrs. experience looking to relocate.
  56. Experienced brewer looking for opportunity in CT/ Western MA
  57. Experienced Graduate Brewer looking for a Head Brewer Position
  58. Blackberry Farm Is In Search Of A Brewer
  59. Assistant Brewer Wanted
  60. Well Experienced Brewer
  61. Experienced Brewer/Cellarman Seeking Employment in Portland, OR
  62. Portland/Seattle Breweries
  63. Brewer available for hire - San Antonio, Texas
  64. Experienced Brewer Relocating to the Bay area
  65. experience, education and a born promoter
  66. Cidermaker/Assistant Cidermaker
  67. Recent American Brewers Guild graduate looking for employment
  68. International Brewer looking for Job in Portland
  69. Looking for a position in Seattle, WA
  70. Experienced Brewer in Denver looking for Brewing job or Consulting work
  71. Chemical Engineer/Project Manager Relocating to California
  72. Home brewer looking to get into professional brewing. Entry-Level
  73. Entry level in San Diego/Temecula area - previous brewery experience
  74. Head Brewer in Seattle looking for a pub position
  75. Assistant Brewer with nearly 2 years of work exp. looking for a job abroad
  76. Experienced Brewer seeks Head Brewer / Brewmaster position, Consulting Engagements
  77. Experienced Brewer in Denver available for Brewing job or Consulting
  78. work experience FREE brewer for a few weeks!
  79. Home brewer to start a career in brewing
  80. Diploma Brewer looking for new brewing challenges
  81. Experienced brewer, > 5 yrs in commercial & microbreweries(brew/qc/bottling)
  82. Entry-level, San Diego, Brewing Education
  83. Rochester, NY based. Production Brewery Experience, Siebel Student
  84. Educated/experienced couple of brewers looking for relocate
  85. Experience brewer looking for next step in Philly area
  86. Future Assistant Brewer Position
  87. Seeking Brewer/Cellarpersons for Revolver Brewing Granbury, TX
  88. Experienced and Educated New Zealand Brewer looking to move to South America
  89. Experienced production brewer seeking a position in Scotland, UK
  90. Experienced Southern Ontario Based Brewer Available - Consulting/Brewing
  91. West Coast Brewer available
  92. home brewer w/ experience in a brewery setting looking for assistant brewer position
  93. Brewmaster or Assistant Brewmaster Position Wanted
  94. Educated brewer available immediately
  95. Experience Brewer/Cellar operator looking for work in CO
  96. Head Brewer Needed for Ireland
  97. American Brewers Guild graduate looking for hire in NY
  98. Young, Experienced Commercial Brewer Looking for Opportunities in Western MA
  99. Heriot-Watt Graduate Student Available For Hire
  100. Experienced UK head brewer looking to work in USA.
  101. Brewer relocating to NC
  102. Lead Brewer Looking For New Opportunity
  103. Brewer back in USA from Norway on job hunt!
  104. Brwer back from Norway on the Job Hunt
  105. Moving to Baltimore, DC Area Looking for job!
  106. Experienced Brewer Looking for Temp. Employment in the Southeast.
  107. experienced brewer looking to relocate
  108. Recent American Brewers Guild graduate looking for employment
  109. Distiller with installation / start-up experience
  110. experienced brewer looking around portland…or anywhere
  111. Experienced Northeast Brewer Looking for the Great Experience
  112. Brewer Position - Exile Brewing Co. - Des Moines, IA
  113. Experienced Distiller in Portland seeking new opportunities
  114. Colorado Beer Company Head Brewer Position
  115. ABG Student looking for work in Denver/Boulder area
  116. Master Brewer Graduates available for hire
  117. Educated New Brewer Looking for Experience
  118. Multi-Talented Brewer Seeking to Relocate
  119. Looking for a "start up" or "Head Brewer" or "Brewmaster" Position
  120. Master Brewer Graduate Looking to Gain Experience
  121. Experienced and qualified brewer moving out west.
  122. Experienced brewer, sales rep, social media guy, distributor in Central NC
  123. Head Brewer wanted in AUSTIN
  124. Revolver Brewing Seeking Experienced Brewer in Texas
  125. ABG Graduate Seeking Experience.......Just need a chance.
  126. Seeking brewer position - willing to relocate
  127. Brewmaster/GM/Engineer/Project manager
  128. Experienced German Brewmaster/Commissioning Engineer seeks new challenge - worldwide
  129. Looking for Entry-Level Position in Boulder/Denver area
  130. Siebel student for full\part time work - SF Bay Area
  131. Experieced Production Brewer seeking Head Brewer Position in Start-up or nano brewery
  132. Head Brewer needed for a 15bbl craft brewery in Hilo, Hawaii
  133. Brewer Seeking New Opportunities
  134. Lead brewer looking for something more
  135. Brewer/ABG grad looking for work in SF Bay Area
  136. experienced brewer
  137. Downeast Cider - Assistant Cider Maker with Lab Experience
  138. Beer City Grand Rapids brewer for hire
  139. Experienced Brew Master available for short term assignments
  140. Brewer anticipating move to Massachusetts July 2015
  141. Looking for Foot-in-the-Door Job, Portland Based (but not Fixed)
  142. American Brewers Guild graduate with experience seeking brewer's assistant job
  143. SF Brewer with 20 yrs experience available
  144. Steamworks Brew Pub Vancouver B.C. is looking for new Head Brewer
  145. SoCal Based Experienced Assistant Brewer looking for new challenging opportunities
  146. Experienced brewer looking for part-time work in San Diego
  147. Chicago Area Brewer Looking For A New Challenge
  148. Experienced brewer, sales rep, social media guy, distributor in Central NC
  149. Creative, Highly Educated Brewer Worldwide
  150. Five & 20 Spirits seeks Brewer/Assistant Distiller
  151. Award Winning California Brewery looking for Head Brewer at 2 new locations.
  152. Experience Brewer looking for new position with growth potential in Minneapolis, MN.
  153. Philly has Quality Assurance
  154. Craft Brewery looking for Experienced Brewer at Blackberry Farm
  155. Experienced Brewer, Lab Technician, and Cellar worker
  156. MSc qualified brewer wanting to relocate to New Zealand
  157. Head Brewer Wanted in DFW
  158. Experienced Brewer
  159. Experienced Head Brewer
  160. Creative West coast brewer looking for his dream system.
  161. Brewer Looking To Relocate
  162. Experienced Brewer/Salesman in Colorado
  163. Production Mead and Cider maker
  164. Lead Brewer with experience and education looking to move to US West Coast
  165. Experienced, hard working brewer looking to relocate from Austin Texas
  166. Head Brewer w/brewing education seeks internship anywhere
  167. Brewmaster Position Wanted
  168. Lead Brewer with experience and education looking to move to southern California
  169. Brewer with 20 years experience
  170. Hopeful brewery employee
  171. Brewer & ABG grad moving to Arizona, need work
  172. Enthusiastic Brewmaster seeking Portland, OR area opportunities
  173. Award-Winning Brewer based in Rockies Mountain area looking for an Opportunity
  174. Educated Brewer w/ 3+ years of experience looking for Job in the DMV
  175. Brewer seeking employment in Central Virginia area
  176. Experienced brewer in Texas looking for a brewpub startup position
  177. Brewer seeking employment in the Philadelphia area (Brewery / Distillery)
  178. Brewery Help Western Massachusetts
  179. Experienced brewer for hire
  180. Seeking work in the greater Philadelphia area
  181. Looking to volunteer at a Hampton Roads brewery.
  182. OSU Ferm Sci student graduating June 2015
  183. Oregon Trail Brewery, Corvallis,OR
  184. NorCal World Brewing Academy Associate in Brewing Technology
  185. MSc qualified brewer looking for work in Dublin, Ireland
  186. Siebel Educated Head Brewer 3+ years experience
  187. Brewmaster Position Wanted
  188. Seeking brewery experience in exchange for free labor – VA, DC, MD
  189. bay area beer brewer available
  190. Assistant Brewer
  191. Lead brewer Looking for a new Job
  192. Experienced brewer seeking head brewer role
  193. Looking for head brewer/assistant brewer/cellerman.
  194. Lead Brewer / Jack of all trades, looking for something new!
  195. BD&F student with experience - Asheville, NC
  196. Brew-Master/start-up/General Manager
  197. Research Scientist Seeking New Opportunities in Brewing / Quality Control and Assuran
  198. Experienced brewer looking for a new gig
  199. Seeking Head brewer position, will consider relocation
  200. Award-Winning Brewer based in Rockies Mountain area looking for an Opportunity
  201. California Assistant Brewer\Enthusiastic Brewery Employee.
  202. Experienced Production Brewer moving to Orlando, FL area
  203. I need an internship on the brew floor
  204. Experienced brewer looking for a new opportunity. Willing to relocate.
  205. Brewer with experience seeking new opportunities
  206. Boston Area Brewer looking for new opportunity
  207. Looking for work/internship in St Louis area
  208. Brewer from Mumbai India
  209. Seeking opportunities in the great Philadelphia area
  210. Experienced brewer looking for work in and around Detroit area
  211. Brewer moving to the SF Bay Area
  212. Michigan Head Brewer
  213. Head Brewer - Greensboro NC
  214. Lead brewer Looking for a new Job
  215. Experienced and Educated Brewer Willing to Consult
  216. Experienced brewer in western MA
  217. Portland Next Week
  218. Brewlab Brewing Technology Student seeking Brewing Position
  219. Head Brewer +5yr
  220. Pacific Northwest Brewer
  221. Head Brewer -- Dallas, Texas
  222. Head Brewer wanted, possible equity stake included - Denver, CO
  223. Brewing Intern wanted - Denver, CO
  224. Brewmaster or Consultant for Hire
  225. Experienced brewer moving to NH
  226. Experienced Lead Brewer/ Cellarman
  227. UK brewer / distiller Seeking challenging new role
  228. Colorado 4+ years experience brewing/cellaring/packaging
  229. Experienced brewer relocating to NYC
  230. Experienced Head Brewer/Production Manager looking for a new opportunity
  231. Looking for work/internship in St Louis area
  232. Brewery Job in Northern Virginia
  233. Lead brewer with sour/barrel aging experience
  234. 10 year veteran brewer / manager seeking new opportunities in MD or NOVA
  235. Experienced brewer seeking new opportunities
  236. Educated brewer available in Southern Ontario. 5yrs experience.
  237. Brazilian brewer seeking for interchange.
  238. Fully Funded Maryland Brewery Startup - Head Brewer / Assistant Brewer Needed
  239. Brewmaster Position Wanted
  240. Educated Northern California Bay Area Brewer / Brewery Employee FT / PT
  241. Brewlab uk grad with 4 years production brewing experience
  242. Lead Brewer needed in Missouri
  243. Head Brewer--Central, PA
  244. Ocean City Brewing Company (Maryland) is seeking qualified and experienced Brewers!
  245. Grossen Bart Brewery seeking head brewer
  247. Head Brewer in Winnipeg, Canada
  248. Abigaile Restaurant Seeking Brewmaster
  249. Brewer - Adding to the team at Aviator Brew Co. We are busy!
  250. Brewer Position - Draught Works Missoula, MT