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  1. Award winning Brewer still is Square Peg searching for the Correct Round Hole
  2. Looking to continue training
  3. Experienced PacNW brewer
  4. Siebel graduate/homebrew teacher available to relocate
  5. LongShot & GABF Pro-Am winning brewer looking for work, willing to relocate
  6. Experienced Brewer Ready to Work
  7. Brewery consultant available
  8. Brewery wanted
  9. Experiences Innovative brewer looking for a new challenge.
  10. Chemical Engineer seeking job as brewer
  11. Seeking Brewery Position
  12. Experienced brewer seeking employment
  13. German Brewmaster
  14. Experienced Brewer available
  15. Seeking Brewing Opportunities
  16. MSc Brewer/Investor
  17. ICBD Educated Brewer Available
  18. Looking to Gain Experience
  19. NYC based Brewer Seeking Full-Time Employment
  20. Experienced brewer in Portland, OR
  21. Brewer/Assistant Brewer
  22. NC part-time assistant...
  23. Entry Level Brewer in New Jersey
  24. Passionate Brewer Looking For An Opportunity
  25. Assistant/Intern Available For Hire
  26. Experienced Brewer Thirsty for More
  27. Brewmaster/GM
  28. VLB Brewmaster seeking new opportunity
  29. Portland, OR Certified Cicerone Seeking Employment
  30. Experienced NW Brewer looking for a change of scenery!
  31. Recent American Brewers Guild Graduate
  32. Educated, Experienced Brewer Available Summer 2011
  33. Head Brewer since 1990
  34. Experienced Brewer For Hire
  35. Seeking entry level brewing job
  36. Passionate Craft Beer Enthusiast
  37. Brewer/Asst. Brewer, ABG Grad 2010 Avaliable for hire Denver, CO
  38. Award Winning Brewer Seeking New Opportunities
  39. Head Brewer since 1990
  40. Award Winning Brewer Seeking Opportunity in E OH/W PA
  41. Looking for Assistant Brewer Position
  42. Siebel World Brewing Academy Grad in Illinois - Available for hire / intern
  43. ABG grad with Mechanical Engineering Degree
  44. Award winning NW brewer seeking new position
  45. Entry Level/Packaging
  46. Experienced NW brewer for hire!
  47. Professional brewer seeking work in PDX
  48. Recent GCB:C&F Grad seeking work or internship within Canada
  49. Hard working, experienced, award winning professional brewer for hire!
  50. Seeking Entry Level Position
  51. 300 Acre Farm Brewery Seeking Experienced Partner
  52. Available to volunteer in your VIRGINIA Brewery
  53. Brewer Available for Hire
  54. Let my experience speak for itself!
  55. Siebel Institute and Doemens Academy Student available anywhere
  56. Connecticut brewery seeking a "Chief Beer Artist" (a.k.a "Head Brewer")
  57. experienced, and award winning brewer looking to work again at home in the States!
  58. I don't brew beer, I LIVE it!
  59. FS Graduate: Brewer/Asst. Brewer Position
  60. Degreed Fermentation Scientist Looking for Brewery Work
  61. Anybody Interested In Being Part Owner Of A Farm Brewery In Virginia?
  62. Looking for my dream job!
  63. Brewer Seeks employment in Central / Northern NJ or NYC area
  64. Chemist turned brewer looking for my start.
  65. Experienced Brew Pub Brewer in Richmond
  66. Experienced Cellar Rat Seeking FT/PT/On-Call Means for Cheese
  67. Recent Siebel Grad With Some Pro Experience In Upstate NY
  68. Brewer/Cellarman looking for job on east coast
  69. Salem Brewer available for hire or consulting
  70. World Brewing Academy graduate seeks employment anywhere in the universe
  71. Siebel graduate looking to intern N. Indiana/ S. Michigan
  72. Head Brewer - Whistler, British Columbia
  73. fabrication/maintenance/brewer
  74. Brewery Apprentice
  75. Experienced NW Brewer For Hire
  76. Brewer required in Australia
  77. update
  78. Current WBA Master Brewer student looking for employment in Boston area/North East US
  79. Education, experience, personality
  80. Experienced New England Brewer Looking for Work
  81. Professional, experienced brewer seeking position in Canada or N.W. USA.
  82. Southern Ont. Based Brewer Looking to Grow
  83. Creative & Adaptable Cellarperson seeking stable work (Cellar/Asst. Brewer) !!!
  84. Graduate seeking job opportunities, relocation is no problem!
  85. 22years and brewing
  86. A.B.G graduate Looking for position with great brewery!
  87. WBA Master Brewer program graduate seeking opportunities anywhere
  88. Gold Medal Brewer with 12 years exp.
  89. I'd rather be brewing!
  90. Experienced, well decorated, NW brewer seeking a new challenge!
  91. Brewer Available For Hire & Willing To Relocate
  92. Looking for work
  93. Experienced Brewer Looking for Work
  94. UK Graduate Brewer with 10 years International Experience
  95. Award winning, hard working NW brewer seeking new challenge
  96. OSU Beaver - Marketing Management/Fermentation Science Graduate. Looking to Brew!
  97. Willamette Valley brewer available for hire or consultation
  98. Brewery Employment in Portland, OR
  99. Brewedwell Ltd available to help you out
  100. Seattle area brewer
  101. German Brewmaster based in India available for Consultation
  102. Great Public Brewer
  103. Experienced Brewer in Colorado
  104. Experienced Brewery/Cellar Assistant seeking FT or PT position
  105. Seeking Second Brewer
  106. Canadian Brewer Wanted
  107. NW Brewer looking to make a career out of brewing.
  108. Hop farmer and Siebel student looking brewing experience
  109. Experienced NW brewer for hire!
  110. Homebrewer/Beer Enthusiast seeking Brewing Assistant job in Western Michigan
  111. Experienced Brewer looking to relocate
  112. Chemical Engineer with brewing/management experience looking for work in MN/WI
  113. Brewers Apprentice
  114. Socal Brewer looking for work
  115. Experienced Brewer Needs Brewery!
  116. Award winning, experienced Brewer looking for work in Denver metro area
  117. start up consultant, I will save you thousands of dollars
  118. Looking for opportunities
  119. Let me carry and clean stuff
  120. Entry level position- Siebel student
  121. Experienced Southern Ontario Based Brewer
  122. Head Brewer Wanted - Contract/Constultant Options Possible
  123. Experienced QC Chemist and Homebrewer in Iowa.
  124. Looking for an Entry Level Brewing position.
  125. Experienced brewer looking for PT work
  126. Award winning brewer looking for consulting jobs outside the US
  127. brewmaster 20+ years looking in the carribian or south america
  128. Midwest Brewer available for hire.
  129. Microbiologist/Experienced Production over Multiple Roles
  130. Brewmaster/Consultant/GM
  131. Entry Level Position
  132. Experienced Brewer Needed in Dallas area
  133. Wind River Brewing Co. seeking Assistant Brewer
  134. Experienced Brewer wanted for new venture
  135. Experienced brewer looking for work in greater Boston
  136. Experienced Graduate Brewer with over 14 years Experience
  137. Looking to be a brewer Apprentice - Portland OR
  138. Experienced brewer seeking employment
  139. Siebel graduate seeking brewery position
  140. Looking for hire as a Brewer/Asst Brewer
  141. BrewMaster Needed for Yellowhead Brewery Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  142. Chicagoan/ Midwesterner Looking For Brewing Position
  143. Seeking Lead Brewer for Pagosa Brewing
  144. UK Brewer and Consultant (will travel)
  145. Denver area experienced brewer looking for a new opportunity
  146. North Texas Area brewmaster looking for a new home.
  147. Craft Brewer/distiller 20+years. International or USA
  148. 2012 IBD Diploma in Brewing candidate seeks new challenges
  149. Looking for a assistant brewing position.
  150. Looking for Assistant Brewing Position in September--Willing to Relocate
  151. assistant brewer/entry-level/apprenticeship
  152. assistant brewer/entry-level/apprenticeship
  153. Assistant brewer looking for a gig in Portland, Oregon
  154. Master Brewer Required St Petersburg, Florida
  155. Available in Chicagoland
  156. Brew House Technologist
  157. Experienced brewer looking for work in Connecticut
  158. brewer... hire me
  159. Midwest Distillery/Winery Assistant looking for Assistant brewer/Cellarperson job
  160. Recent ABG Grad Looking for oppertunity
  161. German brewer is looking for new challenge in Asia
  162. Hello, new challenge? It's me Kilgore.
  163. Recent Siebel graduate looking for work in Portland Oregon
  164. Certified Cicerone in Oakland Bay Area
  165. ICBD graduate seeking production brewing opportunity
  166. Experienced brewer seeking a brewpub opportunity
  167. Experienced graduated German top-brewer with 20 years experience
  168. Grain to Glass Experienced Head Brewer Willing to Relocate
  169. have skills, will travel.
  170. Brewing Mead
  171. Brewer is looking for a new challenge
  172. Formally educated brewer seeking Assistant Brewer position near Denver
  173. IBD Diploma in Brewing holder looking for the right challenge
  174. Experienced Brewer Available in SF Bay Area, FT/PT
  175. award winning / craft brewer of 22 years
  176. German brewer has to bridge the time up to March / April 2013
  177. Experienced Bavarian Brewmaster 41 years old
  178. Young hard worker looking for employment in the brewing industry!
  179. Experienced Brewer seeks career position with advancement potential
  180. Home brewer pursuing a brewing career in Corvallis, OR
  181. New Brewer seeking a job.
  182. Fresh Production Brewer with experience looking for work in Upstate, NY
  183. Passionate brewer looking to start career.
  184. Experienced Production Brewer/Cellar Employee Looking to Relocate
  185. Portland Brewer looking for work!
  186. Experienced and Passionate Brewer willing to relocate
  187. North-West Brewer putting out feelers. Experienced in 1/2Bbl through 15 Bbl currently
  188. Experienced Production Brewer; Passionate about Craft Beer Culture
  189. Experienced brewer looking to relocate
  190. Brewer Looking to Relocate to West Coast of Canada
  191. Passionate assistant brewer looking to relocate!
  192. Experienced Brewer looking for Head/Assistant Brewer Position
  193. Assistant Brewer
  194. Brewer/ Cellarman/ Trained Distiller/ Start up consultant
  195. Colorado State #1 Draft Choice
  196. Master Brewer/Chemist/Welder relocating to Europe...
  197. New Jersey/New York/PA Brewer Available - trained ABG Graduate
  198. Brew Master wanted for craft brewery in Central California
  199. Philly is Beer History
  200. Assistant Brewer looking for opportunity - PA
  201. Entering the Brewing World
  202. Head/Assistant Brewer in Portland, OR
  203. Let's Make Great Beer Together
  204. Ready to work for you as Brewer or Cellar Person.
  205. Young, devoted, aspiring brewer looking for opportunity
  206. Seeking Brewery Position in MN
  207. Driven and Passionate Brewer willing to relocate
  208. Homebrewer with PhD in Microbiology looking for a start
  209. Experienced Brewer Needed- West Coast of Canada!!
  210. Experienced assistant Brewer/cellarman and Siebel graduate wanting to relocate
  211. NYC Home Brewer Looking to Volunteer/Intern
  212. Brewer from Siebel looking for work
  213. Brewmaster/State Certified Brewing and Beverage Technologists looking for a job
  214. Dedicated assistant brewer looking to relocate.
  215. Florence/Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Experienced brewer
  216. Extremely Passionate Brewer and Current MBP Siebel Institute of Technology Student
  217. USA or international , Brewer of 20 + years in the micro And craft industry
  218. Driven, hard-working, and passionate Siebel-student seeking entry-level
  219. Assistant Brewer Needed
  220. Need startup help?
  221. New certified brewer looking for a brewing position in Oregon
  222. Central Oregon Brewer
  223. Colorado PhD Homebrewer looking to start
  224. Passionate Craft Beer Homo sapien seeking assistant brewer position
  225. Brewer in Singapore
  226. Experienced and Passionate Brewer Seeking New Position
  227. Looking for a creative, locally centric brewpub opportunity!!
  228. I bet you haven't heard this one before!
  229. Experienced craft beer professional seeking employment in the Portland, OR area.
  230. Experienced Brewer/Cellarman seeking production position in San Fran/East Bay Area
  231. Looking for position as Assistant brewer in Midwest.
  232. Selftaught Homebrewer Determined To Make It. Looking For A Helping Hand. Michigan.
  233. I will do anything in your brewery for three weeks for free
  234. Educated and experienced brewer/ cellarman looking for work on the east coast of US.
  235. Need help with a new brewery?
  236. Brewing Operations Manager
  237. Have education will travel
  238. Recent Graduate Seeking Entry-Level/Internship Position near Jacksonville, Florida
  239. Cicerone, Chemist, Homebrewer available in Bay Area
  240. Young Portland Brewer Looking to Work Hard for You
  241. Experience brewer seeking employment
  242. Oregon brewer looking for the right situation
  243. German brewer and maltster searches job in USA
  244. WBA Grad. w/ Production Experience (Texas)
  245. Siebel student finishing class and looking for work
  246. Experienced R&D Scientist looking for part time work in VA
  247. Experienced brewer for hire at award winning lake tahoe brewery
  248. Not one, but TWO international award winning brewers looking for paid internship
  249. Head Brewer wanted
  250. Experienced Arizona based brewer