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  1. Available to Volunteer in YOUR Virginia Brewery
  2. Beverage Enthusiast Seeks Career Opportunity
  3. Seeking Brewing Opportunities
  4. Looking to Gain Experience
  5. Portland, OR - Certified Cicerone Seeking Employment
  6. Siebel World Brewing Academy Grad in Illinois - Available for hire / intern
  7. Available to volunteer in your VIRGINIA brewery
  8. Experienced Brewery/Cellar Assistant seeking FT or PTposition
  9. Experienced Cellar Rat Seeking FT/PT/On-Call Means for Cheese
  10. Brewer/Cellarman looking for job on east coast
  11. Looking For an Entry Level Job (Greater Seattle Area)
  12. Creative & Adaptable Cellarperson seeking stable work (Cellar/Asst. Brewer) !!!
  13. Brewery Employment Portland, OR
  14. Experienced Brewery/Cellar Assistant seeking FT or PT position
  15. brewer willing to work the cellar
  16. Looking for PT work in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex
  17. Looking for Entry Level position
  18. Looking for Work in Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex
  19. Chemical Engineer with brewing/cellars/management experience looking for work in MN/W
  20. Looking for opportunities
  21. Cellar Person Required at Half Pints Brewing Company, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  22. Entry brewer
  23. In Pacific NW? Got a Meheen? Want Free Labor? I got someone for you.
  24. Looking for Brewery Position--Willing to Relocate
  25. Brewer with production experience looking for a new challenge.
  26. Experienced Grain to Glass Head Brewer-willing to relocate
  27. Long Time Beer Geek and Homebrewer Looking to Start Career
  28. Baltimore Native Seeking Entry-Level Position in Fermentation Industry
  29. Experienced volunteer looking for first paid position.
  30. Brewer/ Cellarman/ Trained Distiller/ Start up consultant
  31. San Diego free labor in exchange for knowledge
  32. Philadelphia/Wilmington Area - Looking for experience
  33. Experienced volunteer looking for first paid position.
  34. Enthusiastic, Passionate, Experienced, & Wanting to Relocate
  35. Cellar/Brewer @ Portland Brewing Co
  36. Driven, hard-working, and passionate Siebel student seeking entry-level
  37. Experienced homebrewer looking for cellar position in Portland, Oregon area
  38. Experienced craft beer professional seeking employment in the Portland, OR area.
  39. Experienced Cellarman looking for position in South Carolina
  40. Young Portland Brewer Looking to Work Hard for You
  41. Available for hire in Seattle, WA
  42. Siebel grad looking to get my foot in the door
  43. Experienced brewery worker seeking new opportunity.
  44. New Brewer Seeking Cellarman Position in Greater Seattle Area
  45. Experienced Award Winning Brewer
  46. Experienced Brewer Looking for Brewer/Cellar Position
  47. Entry level in San Diego/Temecula area - previous brewery experience
  48. Looking for Cellar/Brewing position in Asheville, NC area
  49. Rochester, NY based. Production Brewery Experience, Siebel Student
  50. home brewer w/ experience in a brewery setting looking for a cellarman position
  51. Cellar Person looking for a new home.
  52. Cellar Position in Asheville Wanted
  53. Part-Time Cellar Operator - Coda Brewing Co. Aurora, Colorado
  54. SOUTHERN TIER BREWING CO - Brewer/Cellar Operators
  55. ABG grad & experienced brewer relocating to Arizona
  56. Indianapolis resident looking to get foot in the door
  57. Assistant Brewer / Cellar Person - Two Beers Brewing, Seattle, WA
  58. Offer to volunteer in your brewery - free labor!
  59. central NJ brewer looking for brewery job
  60. Seeking brewery experience in exchange for free labor VA, DC, MD
  61. Bay area brewer in need of work
  62. cellarman looking for cellar
  63. Looking to get into the Craft Brew business in Portland Oregon
  64. looking for experience as a cellar man and/or assistant brewer
  65. Cellar Person Position
  66. Looking for all-around brewery/brewpub experience in/near Vancouver, BC
  67. Yonkers Brewing Intern and Siebel Student Looking for Cellar or Assistant Brewer Job.
  68. Recent graduate eager to work Quality, Cellar, or Asst. Brewing positions
  69. Cellarman for hire
  70. Cellarman/Production Team Positions
  71. Cellarman For Hire
  72. Brewmaster / Brewer / Cellarman available North Texas
  73. Seattle Cider Company seeks FT Evening Packager
  74. Homebrewer with Food Science Degree Looking for a Great Job
  75. Assistant Cellarman - Arrington, VA
  76. Assistant Brewer/Cellar Position: Colorado Springs
  77. Cellar Tech - Graveyard Shift - Flying Dog Brewery
  78. Barreling Program Manager/Cellar Position
  79. Cellarman / Brewer's Assistant
  80. Assistant Cellarman - Arrington, VA
  81. Indianapolis, IN - Brewer, Business Developer, Ops Mgr
  82. Available for a cellar position in Raleigh, NC
  83. Seeking Employment - Will Relocate
  84. 3rd yr Brewer looking in San Diego/OC
  85. Seeking Cellarman position Chicagoland Area
  86. Homebrewer Looking for Brewery Job in Colorado
  87. Columbus, OH
  88. Looking for Cellar/Keg Washing/Bottling, etc. Portland, OR
  89. Looking for Brewery Position on Colorado Front Range
  90. Cellar Job
  91. Experienced Cellarman/Brewer relocating to San Francisco
  92. Food Scientist in Southern California looking for a new opportunity
  93. CELLAR/PACKAGING MANAGER @ Gilman Brewing, Berkeley Ca
  94. Cellar - Bent Paddle Brewing Co.
  95. Cellar Human - Chicago
  96. Eddyline Brewery - Buena Vista, CO - Cellarman/Assistant Brewer
  97. Looking for Brewery work near Corvallis, Oregon.
  98. Looking for Cellar/Brewing work in Southeast WI/Northwest IL
  99. Delivery Driver/ cellar person- San Francisco Brewery
  100. Lab/QA/Cellar in the Denver Area
  101. Cellar Person in the Bend, OR area
  102. Innovative, creative yet humble brewer
  103. Entry Level - Seattle area - FT or PT
  104. Seeking professional brewery experience (Portland, OR) - Can assist with engineering
  105. Northern IL/Southern WI - Scientist searching for a new direction in life
  106. Brewer / Cellarman - Sleeping Giant Brewing Company - Denver, CO
  107. Cellerperson needed at new Two Tides Brewing Company
  108. Cellar Person / driver / pilot brewer
  109. Cellar/brewer/packaging
  110. Duck Foot seeks Cellar/Canning Line Operator
  111. Cellerman with brewer experience - CO Front Range
  112. Cellar person/assistant brewer in Chicago area and southern Wisconsin
  113. Cellar Person in VA
  114. Veteran searching for Cellar Person position - Denver, CO
  115. Cellarman Position Wanted
  116. Experienced wood cellarman - Greater Boston area
  117. Green Cellar Person looking for entry level position in Los Angeles
  118. Cellar Person position wanted in San Fransisco Bay Area