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06-06-2008, 06:07 AM
Developing a 5,000 sq. ft. brewpub in a suburban city which has numerous outdoor activities in an adjacent mountain range. I have been in discussions with 2 landlords for leasing two distinctively different properties. Thought I would ask the folks that know which location appears to be the best choice since I will have to make that decision soon. Here are the general disciptions of each location. Sorry for the length of this post but felt your answers would be easier if I provided enough information.

Location #1 - historic building built in 1920's in old logging town. It was the Sunset Garage (auto dealership) which is located at the last stop light to be removed from Interstate 90 on the west coast. It has significant character including two stories with concrete auto ramp for storing cars on second level (plan to display 2 horse drawn carriages on this ramp), very heavy hand sawn ceiling rafters, large window capacity where old roll up doors are located and is perfect for continuing the use of historic and antique objects for the decor. It is located at the main intersection of the a town which has a population of roughly 30,000 with millions of people within 30 minutes and travelling I-90 to the mountain activities. Current traffic count at this intersection is 20,000 cars and is anticipated to possibly double due to the planned opening of a gambling casino 3 miles away in November, 2008. Drawbacks are the landlord for this property is not very driven to get the project going and we can't seem to motivate him to get going, there is limited parking available to the structure and access is difficult. Having discussed the parking and access constraints for this building with buisness consultants I have come to the conclusion these represent true problems for the success of the business.

Location #2 - this location is located approximately 1/2 mile from #1 and is 1 block off the main street with the traffic flow I mention above (location, location, location!!). It is an addition to an existing strip mall and is currently under construction. As such, it will be a completly new building and in working with the landlord and his construction supervisor our buisiness fits the building just fine. There are 2 existing restaurants and several fast food carry out type places already established in the strip mall. The main new tennants adjacent to us will be a sate liquor store and either a national chain drug store or fitness center. Of course we will not have the historic nature of this building that we have with #1 but everything will be new. Large parking lot services the building and access is not constricted at all. The landlord and his representative have been very proactive in getting this going and they have in fact been pushing us to use thier space. Any request I have made to include roll-up doors, outside development for steam generator and glycol chiller, etc. have been agreed upon without hesitation.

So there is my dilema and I constantly vascillate between each of the buildings so I am hoping that if any of you have read to this point that you will take the time to add your 2 cents.