View Full Version : Some start-up questions (yep, after 10 years away, I may brew again!)

12-09-2008, 08:20 AM
Recently, a friend of mine who owns a bar/restaurant asked me what I thought about him possibly putting in a brewing system. It seems he's doing a major remodeling/rebuilding of his place, including quite a bit of new construction, and he thought it might be a good time to add a brewery.

I told him it was a great idea, and if he hired anyone but me, I'd kill him! :D

I've been working as a musician, supplementing that as a charter bus driver, and as you might imagine, a steadier paycheck that doesn't involve driving 45 ft long charter buses over increasingly congested highways is greatly appealing! Plus, I do miss brewing (apparently time erases bad memories!).

So now, after ten years away from brewing (I've lurked around here, occasionally chipping in an opinion, but...), I may well be back to shoveling spent grain and cleaning tap lines...

However, before any of that can happen, I need to put together a proposal.

I'm definitely going to fire up the search function here, and fortunately for me I've participated in a few start-ups so I have a pretty good idea what info I need to compile. However, in the interest of haste (he's closing the place down on January 1 to start demolishing part of the building and starting his new construction), I need to streamline my fact gathering, so I'm going to concentrate on first putting together info regarding operation (I need to show him the potential profitability first), and THEN put together info on purchasing equipment, installation, construction, etc.

All a long-winded way to lead up to: currently, what are you finding is an average ingredient cost for a 7 bbl (or 5 bbl, or 10 bbl) batch of pale ale?

I'd deeply appreciate any current relevant info y'all might want to offer!