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12-12-2003, 11:19 AM
Does anyone know the proper preparation and dosing of Cryofine finings? I found an old package laying around the brewery and want to experiment adding the Cryofine to my fermenter pre-filter and/or adding it to an unfiltered keg of beer. Any suggestions? I've been unable to find ANY info on Cryofine on-line.


Hutch Kugeman
Assistant Brewer
Great Adirondack Brewing Co.
Lake Placid, NY

12-15-2003, 06:15 AM
I found an old fact sheet on Cryofine. It's manufactured by James Vickers Ltd. in the UK. Phone#01283563268. It says all you have to do is mix the cryofine into cold water or beer (15-20C) at a rate of 5-10 g/L. Mix it in a powerful mixer. Mix for two minutes every 10 minutes for 30 minutes and add to beer preferably inline. It gives a rate of 1.2-2.5 grams per hl for optimum clarity. You will just have to experiment with small amounts of beer first. If you want a copy of the entire sheet give me a fax and I'll send it to you or call the UK. Hope this helps. By the way it says there is a 7 day shelf life once you hydrate it.

12-15-2003, 08:14 AM
Hey Willey,
Thanks for the info. If you have time I'd love to look at the whole spec sheet on Cryofine.

Fax me at (518) 523-2821. Thanks again,

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