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11-27-2009, 10:01 AM
I'm looking for real world experience and thoughts about hiring employees and giving them either a profit sharing or equity sharing program after a probationary period (say 1 year).

The one year period will seperate the dedicated workers from the slackers. It will give them incentive to work towards a goal and to keep in mind that they are working for "themselves".

My specific questions are as follows:

1. Having such a program have you seen it retain important employees, such as the actual head and assistant brewers?

(I see these folks are the race car drivers on the brewery team and making sure they don't feel overworked/underpaid is very important.)

2. If you have implemented such a plan AFTER opening your venture, did you see a marked change in attitude and production of employees after offering it to them?

3. Please elaborate on the structure of your program if you will. I would appreciate examples of how others have developed and implemented these plans. I'm looking for actual approximate payouts on profits/shares, time frames, buy back when employee leaves the firm et cetera.

Thank you all for your advice in advance and I hope my posts here are informative, educational and practical in the real brewing world.


Anunnaki :D

03-16-2010, 10:43 PM
So, my brother and I have been discussing this topic for years.

He's in Human Relations where they cook up all kinds of incentives to have you hit the bar at the right time to get the rat chow. I've spent my life toiling in the hard sciences trying to make numbers count for something.

I worked up a couple of white paper drafts on Bonus and Process Control

The skinny is you want to reward behavior that improves your process and adds value.
It can be stock, but cash is nice. You decide the coin.

The main thing is to directly connect what is you want and what is you got from your brewers. Somewhere, somehow, somebody's got to measure something; and you come to agreement on what it means and what's it worth.

Scott Bruslind
Laboratory Manager
Analysis Laboratory
Lacomb, OR