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02-24-2010, 05:10 PM
I need refrigeration for a cold room that is approx 8000 cu ft. What capacity would be needed, keeping in mind that here in TX it gets very hot in the summer, and what price range are we talking about?

I'm also considering the possibility of using our glycol system to cool the room via an air/glycol heat exchanger. Seems this would be the cheaper option, but I'm not sure if even our 13HP glycol unit with 3bbl reservoir could handle the added load of a large cold room.

Any input would be appreciated.



02-24-2010, 06:56 PM
Hi Judd,

I have a Cold Room estimating program that after entering Length/Width/Height provides a "Heavy", "Medium", and "Light" BTU/HR Cooling LOAD.

I plugged in 40' X 20' X 10' TALL (8,000 CU FT) and was provided with:

Light: 33,600 BTU/HR
Medium: 39,200 BTU/HR
Heavy: 44,800 BTU/HR

Regarding using glycol, your absolutely right to confirm you have the available capacity. I'd estimate your total chiller capacity is in the 90,000 BTU/HR Range- as you can see the load could require up to 50% of your chiller capacity.

To provide a quote I will just need the room dimensions and the number of doors into this room, the door sizes, and style (sliding, hinged, etc.).

If you'd like some specific information, quotations and options on the cold room and associated equipment, or have other questions- please email or call me.

Good Luck,

Pro Refrigeration Inc