View Full Version : Water fob volume???

11-06-2002, 04:42 PM
Brewerallyn is curious if anyone knows what the flow for a water f.o.b. nozzle should be????

dick murton
11-11-2002, 04:27 AM
I assume you are referring to the fine jet of water used to generate fob in the neck of the bottle immediately prior to capping. The volume itself will be minute - no idea of the volume. The finer the jet the better, the higher the pressure, generally the more fob will be created, and quicker. Also generally, the higher the pressure, the denser the fob, and thus less risk of residual air in headspace.

With high pressure, and a very fine jet, the amount of water staying in the beer should be unmeasurable in terms of the effect on alcohol, pg etc. However the water should be sterile, especially if you are bottle conditioning (when you may opt not to jet anyway)

Hope this helps

Rob Creighton
11-14-2002, 06:39 AM
The significant issue in fobbing is that all beers are not the same. A stout will have a different CO2 level and behave differently than a pils.
Volume is not the issue. If you are using a sufficiently small orificed nozzle (.009" is what Krones provided and worked well for me), the important issue is being able to move your slewable arm to any position above the bottle from the outfeed of the filler to the infeed of the capper.
If you can control the pressure of the stream (typically 50-100 psi works well for the orifice size above), then you can adjust to meet the needs of the product you are fobbing.
Of course, the water must be bacteria free.
If you are using a large orificed nozzle, you lose control of the ability to fob effectively and begin to lose product (overfobbing or underfobbing).
Ales I have packaged in the past behaved differently than lagers and we adjusted easily to meet the day, product, temperature and atmospheric pressure conditions.