View Full Version : Seeking Project/Temp. Management,Marketing, Sales or Distribution work in SF Bay Area

12-15-2010, 12:05 AM
I am in search of project or temporary work relating to management, marketing, sales, and/or distribution somewhere within striking distance of the San Francisco Bay Area.

I plan to open a brewery in around 18 months and need to get my hands more dirty in the industry, but I can not afford to leave my full-time current job. I am willing to work weekends and evenings, and put in as much normal-day face-time as possible via productive use of my personal-holidays. I am authorized to moonlight, so there's nothing untoward here.

But before you dismiss me and my full-time-working professional baggage, please hear out what I have to offer, and forgive the self-promotion.

I have been Portfolio and Brand Manager for all the products of a consumer-goods Fortune 5 company in East-Asia. Prior to that I worked their Key Accounts, and earlier, their experiential and direct marketing for a multi-billion dollar brand here in the States.

I switched over to retail a few years ago and have since redesigned the actual sales analytics processes used by category and shopper-managers at multiple of America's Top 10 grocery and mass retailers.

I have an MBA from a school that consistently ranks in the Global Top 5, and a BS from a similarly ranked school in the States. I am American, although admittedly have a bit more overseas experience than back here at home.

I know I don't offer the most desirable set of work-constraints. However if you think you might have any interest, and the flexibility to work around my limitations, please respond or private-message me and I'll gladly send over my resume and answer any questions.

Thank you.