View Full Version : Recent GCB:C&F Grad seeking work or internship within Canada

02-09-2011, 09:51 AM
My name is Nicholas Bolton and I am a recent recipient of the General Certificate in Brewing: Chilled and Filtered Option from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in London, I also have 1 year of practical brewing experience from Garrison Brewing co. in Halifax, NS. I am currently seeking employment or an unpaid internship at a micro-brewery based in Canada. Through my education, work experience and 4 years of home brewing I have developed a keen sense of basic brewery operation and am looking forward to gaining further knowledge and experience in the field. Furthermore, from my past education and work experience I have developed a keen sense of multi tasking, jobsite organization.

Through my past work experience at Garrison Brewing co. I performed and excelled in duties that included, cleaning, kegging, and bottling, mashing in, inventory maintenance and deliveries. My knowledge of cleaning activities ranges from maintaining sterile equipment and worksite, to ensuring the sterility of holding and fermenting tanks. I have performed almost every job on the packaging line including; bottling line preparation and sanitization, feeding bottles onto conveyor, placing bottles from conveyor into boxes, and preparing pallets for shipment.

While working at Garrison Brewing co. I was also able to expand my experience into mashing in, inventory management, and deliveries. During the mashing in process I was responsible for preparation of specific malts and mash tun, stirring the mash, and cleaning the mash tun after the wort was transferred to the kettle. It was also my duty to check and maintain a daily keg and bottle inventory, and set the number of kegs to be filled throughout the day to ensure our delivery driver properly supplied. I was also responsible for weekend deliveries which included keg deliveries to bars and restaurants, as well as bottle deliveries to events.

I am willing to relocate within Canada and can provide further details, resume and references upon request.

Nicholas Bolton