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12-28-2011, 05:58 PM
Currently, I am looking to get my start in professional brewing. I am fully capable of handling many aspects of the process and look forward to truly getting my hands dirty. As a prospective employee, I am full of ambition and desire to get started. I want to hit the ground running. I am seeking full time employment, but recognize that not everyone will have the room for someone full time and am more than willing to consider part time work to prove myself or to gain experience.

After suffering the 9-5 life in a cubicle for 3 years after college, I decided a desk job was not the key to happiness in life. It was time I decided to pursue a life in something much more fulfilling. Brewing has long been a passion of mine, and a career in this industry will bring me much more satisfaction.
I have 8+ years of home brewing experience and currently operate on a 10 gallon all grain system (converted 1/2bbl kegs). My fermentation science education at Oregon State greatly expanded my knowledge of brewing and helped me understand the importance in the details and the reasons behind every step to the brewing process. To further my experience, I also made several batches using the school’s pilot plant brewery set up - 2 barrel - during my tenure.

My studies in college concentrated on marketing, management, and fermentation science while my work experience strongly developed my sales skills, teaching abilities, and leadership. There is tremendous self motivation in my work ethic and I can project this onto others. People skills are a strong suit of mine and I found myself very well respected by customers and coworkers alike. Great rapport with everyone led to great confidence and respect from my superiors, coworkers, and customers had for me. This served me well by giving RTR Services the trust they needed to put me in a position to lead their staff of sales personnel.

Currently, I am living in Portland and pushing an entrepreneurial ambition - www.brewsathome.com - in which I offer personal in home brewing lessons.

How can I serve your brewery?
I am the type that can wear almost any hat within an organization. Larger companies tend to become too structured and do not work with flexible people such as myself. They tend to assign a title to someone and keep it that way. For a brewery, I am capable of playing any role. Cellaring, brewing, sales, marketing, graphic arts, and advertising are all well within my capabilities. For a brewery could fare well with someone who is willing to put in the hours in all aspects that make the company grow and present itself in a positive manner.

As a fast learner and hard worker, I feel I can be up to speed in no time on any set up. Just because I have not logged the hours on a larger scale system does not mean I will be any better or worse for it. I understand the equipment and all steps in the process very well and am willing to put in the time necessary to be on par or better.

Please review my resume and let me know if you feel I am worthy to talk to further. Everyone is looking for brewers with multiple years of commercial brewing experience, all I ask is for someone to give me a chance.

Please feel free to reply to this post, call, or email me anytime.

Pedro Navarro

01-05-2012, 03:49 PM
Bumping this up.

02-23-2012, 11:54 AM
So far in the new year....

Recent creations:
Just bottled:
Imperial Cascadian Dark Ale. 9.2% abv, 110 IBU. Infused half the batch with a blend of peppers for a big beer with big hops and now some heat too.

Cilantro cream ale. Lightly hopped, heavily cilantro'd. Again, I will add peppers to the secondary (Im on a chile beer phase, just finishing up some ideas). Should be a light malty body with a noticeable amount of heat and cilantro. I plan to try to add V8 and lime to a pint and see if "salsa" beer has a future in my kegerator.

Been drinking:
NWripA, Northwest Red India Pale Ale. 7.5% abv, 54 IBUs, gorgeous red due, piney/spicey hop notes. Very well balanced and even a few non-beer drinkers give it the nod.

Burnt Amber. 5.8% abv amber ale, maybe I added too much carafa but maybe that wasnt a bad thing. Very toasty with just a touch of dark roast notes. A great winter/fall amber.

03-29-2012, 06:52 PM
Still searching

07-14-2012, 05:33 PM
Recent brews: Marionberry brown. A heavy brown ale with tons of malty goodness, coupled with marionberries. Fruit forward, toasty finish.

Just another IPA: just in time to beat the heat. A generic IPA to serve myself and my guests. Very balanced with an assortment of citrus and floral hops varieties.