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01-24-2012, 05:50 AM
Long story short: I am slowly closing the gap between my day job and my dream job. I have been working part time as a brewer (going on 7 years), and full time at another place doing something else. I have managed to connect the dots, and begin contracting beer to my full time job. I formed a subsidiary company, created a brand, found a distributor, set up the draft system, etc.. If this is successful through the summer, we will plan to begin opening a production facility in 2013.

I am about to submit my start-up costs for reimbursement (yes, I fronted the capital for kegs, tap handles, design work, etc.). I need to attach a monetary value to the work I have done (even if I don't charge them for it). What do you suppose that time is worth (hourly rate, or bulk rate)? FYI, I have in my proposed contract 15% ownership in company should we open a production facility.

There are 2 ways I could go with this: I could roll a wage into my salary at my full time job, or I could simply take a margin of the sales. Right now, I am concerned about the work I have done already.