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02-22-2012, 02:10 PM
Looking to venture with an experienced operator to co-develop a Beer Garden in the Big Island of Hawai'i.

3 Subdivided Lots, approximately 2.5 ~ 3 acres per lot now available for lease or sale.

Highlights include:
Each parcel is approved for a Special Use Permit that HBDC was granted which allows for the development of a Brewery/Beer Garden, Distillery and other beverage/bottling projects.
Property provides a natural water source which can be utilized for these projects which is considered to be pure and suited for producing beer or spirits and or other non-alcoholic beverages.
Parcels are competitively priced @ $9~ $11 per square foot and seller financing available
Hawaiian Springs LLC, bottler of Hawaiian Springs Water, Hawaii's only Natural Artesian Water bottled at the Source (www.hawaiianspring.com) occupies 7 adjacent acres on the same property. The same water source would be available to the parcels being developed.

• Hawaii Brewery Development Co. Inc. (HBDC) is seeking to Lease or Sell the lots to entities or individuals wanting to:
o Expand their existing operations in Hawaii and/or
o Develop the parcels with their original intended use and already developed business model that highlights advantages such as:

1. Beer Garden:
i. The Big Island having a very high per/capita consumption of beer
ii. A Beer garden would be very appealing to the local population having fresh beer made locally
iii. The brewery can also serve as a destination for tourists on their way to from Volcano National Park
iv. The business concept has been validated with the successful model achieved by Kona Brewing Kona, West Hawaii Island.

2. Mircro-Distillery
i. Another business opportunity for an experienced operator or business enitity
ii. Niche products that can be produced that we can assist finding a market for include
1. Shochu/ Soju alcoholic drinks- Increasing Market demand for uniquely distilled spirits from Tropical Fruits
2. Specialty products like Mead/from Honey
 Shochu/Soju is now the largest selling alcoholic beverage in the world!
 Hawaii’s unique ties to Asia and Japan as well as the local demand in the Asian culinary menus and restaurants make this product a unique opportunity not only from Hawaii but Made in Hawaii…..

Please contact Marcus Bender (MB@KaiVodka.com)
or Michael Cahinhinan (Mike@kaiVodka.com) at (808) 593-7731 for further information. Visit us at: