View Full Version : Marketing / Social Media with Brewery experience – San Diego, CA

05-01-2012, 11:13 PM
I am a soon-to-be graduate (May 2012) from the University of San Diego and am looking to stay in the craft beer field in San Diego. I have a year of brewery experience from my marketing internship at Karl Strauss Brewing Company. I headed their email marketing program and learned a great deal about social media and brand identity. I also have extensive additional social media experience from a travel company internship, and I feel confident in my ability to start up a brewery’s social media presence, or build upon an existing social media platform to even further improve a brand’s identity.

I am hardworking, have an extremely positive attitude and great customer service and communication skills. Most importantly, I have a huge passion for the craft beer field and would greatly appreciate any suggestions or leads on how to turn this passion into a career. I have attached my resume, please feel free to alert me of any possible positions. Thank you so much.

Alyssa Powers