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Brian Dunn
05-07-2012, 11:31 AM
Great Divide Brewing - Director of Sales & Marketing

This position will report to and work with the President. The Director of Sales & Marketing will run the Sales & Marketing group and oversee all aspects of the department.

Essential duties of this position:

Manage 30 wholesalers
• Complete annual sales plans with each wholesaler
• Complete seasonal programming and oversee pre-orders
• Establish sales objectives and sales execution goals for each wholesaler
• Track performance against objectives
• Maintain constant communication with each wholesaler
• Regular visits to Colorado wholesalers
• Annual visits to each out of state wholesaler
• Regular review of PTR pricing in each market
• Manage spending and marketing budgets for each wholesaler
• Review VIP data to identify sales trends, identify opportunities for new distribution, identify lost placements, review wholesaler inventory and to assist with forecasting volume

Manage key retailers
• Assist Salespeople and wholesalers with key account management

Oversee portfolio of beers
• Maintain year round and seasonal beer calendar
• Communicate with Brewery Operations Manager, Logistics Manager and President about volume projections on year round and seasonal beers
• Work with Brewery Operations Manager, Logistics Manager and President about suggested changes to beer portfolio
• Assist with art development of new beers and changes to existing art

Manage 5 Colorado based Salespeople and 1 Marketing Coordinator
• Establish execution goals for each Salesperson and review accomplishments
• Oversee in state and out of state wholesaler visits by brewery Salespeople
• Hire new Salespeople as needed
• Run weekly Sales & Marketing department meetings

• In working with wholesalers, retailers and brewery co-workers, maintain the company philosophy that hard work is required but we should all have fun
• Maintain a passion for craft beer

Manage Sales & Marketing budget
• Make spending decisions on staffing, POS, travel, advertising, sponsorships and account support
• Attain Sales & Marketing budget

Oversee POS program and assist with new POS development
• Review and modify current POS and help create new POS
• Order POS

Minimum 5 years of experience managing wholesalers
Strong knowledge of selling craft beer
Strong knowledge of craft beer
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Excellent organizational and planning skills
Demonstrated knowledge of ability to build relationships with wholesalers
Demonstrated knowledge of ability to hire, manage and motivate brewery based Salespeople
Must possess a positive, fun-driven attitude paired with a great work ethic

Great Divide Brewing is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience. We offer a full benefits package, incentive plan and 401k.

Please send cover letter and resume to Brian Dunn at brian@greatdivide.com.