View Full Version : 7 bbl Brewery Build Out

07-21-2012, 05:58 AM
Hey guys, I'm starting a smaller ~7bbl production brewery in 8-12 months, and I'm trying to figure out the build out. I am financing the entire thing on my own, which necessitates a slightly more spartan system. I was looking at Glacier Tanks and they seem to be able to build a system (sans controller) for ~20k. Has anyone ever bought anything from them? Would this be a decent purchase?

I also have been looking at a couple of others (brew-stuff and PsychoBrew), and while I know PsychoBrew has received fantastic reviews, I've never heard anything about brew-stuff. My goal would be some sort of RIMS (HERMS or other) with a direct fire system.

If anyone has any other suggestions, drop them here. Thanks a bunch!