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01-28-2005, 08:30 PM
Howdy Hi all,
What type of pump are all you probrewers using on your keg washers? Brand Name, horsepower, pump style, etc. Ya' know, all the gorey details.
As always, stop by the brewery in Polson, Montana and I'll buy ya' a beer!

Diamond Knot
01-30-2005, 12:47 PM
Hey, Glacier........

It depends on how many kegs you wash at a single time. If you only do one or two at a time in a manual process with short hose / pipe runs (less than 8' - 10'), then a Thomsen Centrifugal Pump will be just fine. Thomsen has straight impellers and though they can move at lot of water at a low head backpressure, they wheeze out around 20 - 25 psi or so line pressure. This may not be enough to spin your sprayers effectively if you have the rotary kind.

At our fist Brewery, we use a Thomsen Centrifugal Stainless Pump on a 1750 rpm Baldor 1.5 Hp motor. The process is a manual, one keg at a time with a fixed spray wand to clean and sanitize with a single set-up.

At our second, we'll be washing / sanitizing 4 at a time and will probably use a pair of Goulds Centrifugal Stainless Pumps on 1 hp motors. The Goulds Pumps have a "turbine impeller" and have all teh advantages of a centrifugal pump while delivering line presssures around 60 psi at 3450 rpm. We'll have a wash pump and a water pump. I'm still designing and spec'ing out the hardware for it even while I write this.

I should add we use Hoff-Sankey Mods and clean through the bung side, so we want a good spray. If you are using straight-side Sankeys yoru pump requirement is different as you want to have a laminar flow along the keg sidewalls and will also want to pulse the stream to clean the keg spear outer surface.

Anyway, just my $.02, and I'm sure everyone has their favorite pumps and keg washing theories out there.