View Full Version : BREWERS NEEDED, New microbrewery in Ottawa

09-24-2012, 06:32 AM
Join our microbrewery restaurant team. We are currently looking for a brewer able to work in our Sparks Ottawa restaurant. The 3 brewers is a company with a fast passed, high energy and volume.

Position Summary
The brewer is responsible for the production of the beer, the receipt of raw materials to finished product, and to be an ambassador of the beer culture amongst the team and clients.

Qualified Candidates – BREWERS
The candidates must have specialized training in biotechnology and/or agri-food
Have professional experience in biotechnology and/or agri-food.
Ability to anticipate, analyse and recognize the quality of the production of the beer.

Responsible for the production of the beer (receipt of raw materials, crushing, brewing, fermentation, maturity...) in compliance with the standards of Les 3 Brasseurs hygiene and security.
Ensuring the quality of the beer and its conformity to Les 3 Brasseurs standards, by conducting routine checks at each stage of production to the marketing of the beer.
Managing the inventory of raw materials and fermented and bottled beers.
Maintaining the cleanliness of the brewery environment.
Conducting inventory checks.
Ensuring the ordering of goods and controlling quantity, quality and storage.
Monitoring the production steps and marketing activities related to the beers.
Briefing the staff on the description of the beers (i.e. alcohol content, ingredients, etc.)

Work independently throughout the stages of beer production and the ordering of raw materials to the finished product.
Refers to and respects the procedures and documents in the Brewer’s Manual
To be familiar with the standards of hygiene and safety
Reports and informs his/her operational hierarchy of:
Production and order forecasts
Presentations to propose and organize
Customer complaints and conflicts/discrepancies/malfunction within the team

Reports and informs the micro-brewery of:
Audits and conformity & quality analysis
The questioning/malfunction of the technical order.