View Full Version : Boston, MA - Experienced New Media Marketer w/Fortune 500 Experience

12-03-2012, 07:38 PM

My name is Matt Shaw. I'm an experienced social media marketing manager looking to combine my off-the-clock passion for craft beer with my professional marketing expertise.

Of course, social media experts are a dime a dozen these days. So here are my credentials in brief:

-A ground-floor member of an internal social media consulting team at the largest digital advertising agency in the world
-Community manager for the #1 Canadian Whiskey brand in the world
-Community manager for the #1 supplemental insurance provider in the US
-Social media consultant for the #1 manufacturer of baby formula in the world
-Social marketing lead for the #1 laundry detergent and #1 fabric softener in the US

I've also worked on projects for a number of other brands (like the company that makes race car tires, an iconic American motorcycle company, some of the biggest financial institutions in the world, and so on).

What I'm Looking For:
I'm looking for a company with the following traits:

1) Produces outrageously good beer;
2) A clear growth vision for the next five years;
3) A radical market position and/or business model;
4) Demonstrable commitment to growing their digital presence;
5) Adequate budget for digital initiatives (which is not to say a *huge* budget, but preferably something greater than $0); and
6) Produces outrageously good beer.

What I Can Do for You:
1) Identify conversation opportunities and empower your brand to respond to trends in real-time;
2) Help you identify the consumer segments represented in your social media fan portfolio (and/or help you to define these segments across marketing channels, if needed), and leverage these to drive sales;
3) Develop social metrics, tactics, and strategies that ladder up to real business objectives;
4) Travel to events, festivals, and beer weeks to create content for our social platforms;
5) Constantly monitor social media (including industry blogs and forums) to identify and react to current events;
6) Develop a long-term digital marketing strategy to help your business keep abreast of the latest social and technological trends, and help it to become a best-in-class example in the industry; and
7) Strap on boots and heft bags of grain into a mash tun, and/or other brew-day minutiae as needed. (I'm also an experienced homebrewer, if that makes any difference.)

Resume and references provided upon request. Please contact me at matt AT mattshawblog DOT com, or (774) 288-9967 for more information.