View Full Version : How much should I pay this guy?

Zucker Bee
02-02-2013, 01:59 PM
I wish to promote one of our experienced brewer a to supervisor position

Big picture:
Supervising a small brewpubs' operation : 500bbl
Start up and supervise another brewpub : 850bbl
Brewing and supervising with our employees at 2 industrial breweries where we contract brew some of our beers (kegs only/ 2500bbl)

4 employees to supervise (1 brewer + 1 helper ea. location)
Responsible of scheduling, ordering ingredients, monthly inventory, equipment maintenance,..
Creating new recipes
Passing along some knowledge to service staff at our brewpubs (tell them "what to say" to clients)

Estimated total time : 50 hrs/week
Current salary : $40k

I have no real references with the industry, I'm currently doing this job as a owner which is not relevant

send me a pm -cheers!