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02-03-2013, 08:47 AM
High & Mighty Brewing Company is seeking an experienced start up consultant/ brewer to help start up and maintain a 30 barrel brewing system in western Massachusetts. High & Mighty has produced beers by contract since 2006 and will open its facility in Easthampton MA in early 2013. We have the capacity to brew up to 6000 barrels in our first year, with room to expand to approximately 25,000 barrels in our new facility.

Candidates for this position should have a degree or certification in brewing science and at least two years of practical experience in a production brewery -- or a minimum of five years of practical production brewing experience.

The ability to brew and ferment quality beer is, of course, expected. Other skills and qualifications will include:

• The desire to maintain and enhance the reputation of the High & Mighty line of lower-alcohol brews.
• The creativity and vision to conceptualize and implement a new brand of more ‘experimental’ brews, to include barrel-aged, wild yeast, higher-gravity, and sour beers.
• A desire to collaborate with renowned brewers from around the world.
• Ability to operate and maintain a high-speed packaging line.
• Familiarity with CIP systems and thorough sanitation.
• Experience with yeast harvesting, propagation, and storage.
• Laboratory and quality control experience.
• Experience with kegging and keg cleaning, and keg maintenance.
• Interest in working as part of a dedicated team, with brewing assistants as well as owners/managers.
• Willingness to regularly attend beer festivals and tastings.
• Whatever else it takes to get the job done, done well, and with good humor.

Compensation and benefits packages will be competitive.

We’re located in Easthampton, Massachusetts, a small but artsy and liberal community just five miles from the cultural center of Northampton, and only a few hours’ drive to Boston and New York. Western MA is home to multiple small breweries and brewpubs, and has a very collegial brewing community.
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