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Jack Spratt
02-06-2013, 10:37 AM
Positions are available right now. Requirements: Formal brewing education or several years’ homebrewing more than 10 different beer categories.

Just a little bit about the brewery and what we are doing…
We have a 100 BBL brew system making 120,000+ BBLs per year. We are growing. It’s a “production” brewery, although we have a pub on site. (and a couple of more around town)

Our brewery model has 6-8 brewers brewing a couple of shifts a week, then working on the bottle line, as a cellarman, running the centrifuge/filter, or racking kegs during the other 2-3 shifts. Doing so gives us well educated brewers on every station. An added advantage is 8 people homebrewing on our nano system, dreaming up ideas for the next great beer, mentored by masterbrewer John Maier, who has in excess of 600 Gold medals. But you’ll have to earn your way to that position by being competent in all the other positions 1st. We work around the clock and your shifts may vary from week to week. Starting wages in the brewery equate to $10/hr.

The Rogue Brewery is in the beautiful Oregon coast beach community of Newport. The Rogue Nation is always on the lookout for hardcore unemployables. We hire revolutionaries who possess an unwillingness to follow the status quo. Rogue is a Revolution. We go to the front of the fight and stay there. We require humor, speed, creativity, dedication and thick skin. Expect mischief, mayhem and chaos. But only those who are aggressive survive.

Newport is a beautiful fishing community and our brewery sits right on the bay looking out to the Pacific. Gorgeous. But Rogue is not for everyone. Newport is not for everyone. The Oregon coast weather is not for everyone. Living in a town of 25,000 is not for everyone. But Newport is a fun, crazy place and we are an integral part of the community.

If you remain interested, we’d be glad to interview you and show you the town. So come see us and we’ll talk. Let me know and I’ll coordinate your visit.

Ray Jeans
Production Manager
Rogue Ales