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02-12-2013, 10:01 AM
Are you an entrepreneur with a dedication and passion for creating high quality, original beers for your pub or micro customers? Do you need help from a professionally trained brewer to build and grow your business? If so, I have experience with all of the above at both established breweries and startup companies. I also believe quality must be first and foremost in a brewery. As a result I will bring a strong focus on quality control to your brewery which I believe starts with attention to detail during each step of the process including evaluating all products with my BJCP certified pallet and finally ensuring the customer has a great experience in the front of house.

I am formally educated and trained in both brewing and distilling and have been professionally involved with every step of the brewing process. I can perform any function in your Micro/Brewpub operations from brewing/cellaring to training front of house staff.

I am willing to relocate, with a preference for Europe, but am open to anywhere for the right challenge.

I have an impressive resume upon request.

Serious inquiries only!


03-08-2013, 01:52 PM
We are currently looking for a consultant to help us with our start up. We are opening a production brewery with an attached brewpub. We need immediate assistance. If you are available for immediate consulting, please send your resume to ebgb.brew@yahoo.com

Thank you,