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02-25-2013, 01:01 PM
I'm a 24 year old and I've been home-brewing for about 4 years, although I have no 'professional' experience. I have experimented with several styles mostly just trying to perfect one recipe at a time as opposed to just "winging it" with all styles. For the past 5 years I've also worked in a retail craft brew shop so I have an in-depth understanding of that aspect of the industry. As of right now I'm still studying at Siebel Institute of Technology (aka World Brewing Academy) in their International Diploma Program. Ultimately looking for the opportunity to have an active role in brewing with any size brewery but obviously willing to work my way up the ranks if not hired immediately as a brewer. I'm just looking forward to being a part of a brewery family that's devoted to providing quality product to it's customers. Will be available to work starting in May/June after my studies in Chicago and Germany and willing to relocate to wherever I may be wanted.

windy bill
03-04-2013, 03:17 PM
We are currently looking to fill a part time job at our brewery. The work will be mostly bartending, although we are growing quickly and the position has the potential to move toward more responsibilities in brewing, sales and management. We hope to start training in May and be ready for our busy season which is June-October.

We are looking for a team member that is passionate about beer and can communicate that passion with our customers. This is a great foot-in-the-door job that will last for the summer or longer.
Let me know if you’re interested. We’re flexible and willing to work with quality candidates to ensure a positive opportunity for all.

Hope to chat more.


Republic Brewing Co.