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03-05-2013, 01:42 PM
ABOUT US: Townsite Brewing is an award-winning craft brewery at the top of the Sunshine Coast of BC. Our core values are:

1. Brew world-class beers
2. Promote beer culture and the responsible enjoyment of beer
3. Use sustainable business practices
4. Promote local economy and regional self-reliance
5. Support environmental stewardship and social responsibility
6. Kindle social, environmental and cultural change

Last April, we unleashed the floodgates for craft beer in Powell River with an all-star lineup of 4 regulars and 7 seasonals created by BC's only Belgian brewmaster, Cedric Dauchot. We've just added more fermentation space to gird our loins for the summer to come, and Cedric needs an assistant brewer to help keep them fully deployed because he wants to expand the program with some barrel-aging, cask conditioning and new recipes.

ABOUT POWELL RIVER: Powell River is a town of about 13,000 people (20,000 in the entire regional district) at the top of BCs Sunshine Coast. The major employer has downsized considerably from its heyday as the largest newsprint mill in the world; however, the population has not decreased. This is in large part because of the excellent quality of life and low cost of living and more recently, incredible craft beer! Residents are also passionate about food security, local food and regional sustainability, and leisure - there are 5 beaches within 5 minutes of the brewery, hundreds of kilometres of hiking & biking trails, fishing, rock climbing, scuba diving and more!

But enough about us!

ABOUT YOU: You are passionate about craft beer; ready, willing & able to live the good life in a small coastal BC town; You have a degree/diploma in Brewing and/or a Pure science; can follow instructions; run the filter; package beer in kegs & bottles; CIP brewing equipment; keep the cleanliness level of the brewery up to the standards of an exacting Belgian; clean jockey boxes & pony pump; perform various maintenance tasks as instructed. If asked to, you would have no problem slogging beer at festivals; lending a hand at the growler filling station; helping with deliveries; helping develop new and exciting beer recipes. You dig sustainability, community and you probably participate in some outdoor activity.

Contact chloe[at]townsitebrewing.com

04-05-2013, 01:11 PM
We are still looking, come work and play in a beautiful part of the country.