View Full Version : Brewer looking to get into process equipment sales, training, and implementation

03-07-2013, 01:33 PM
Hey there,
I'm a former brewer in Northern New England looking to get back into the industry. I've been out of the biz now for just over a year, and am not necessarily looking to get back into a production brewer or brewpub position. I definitely paid my dues, working the 14 hour days that started at 3 AM, cleaned the 300 Bbl fermenters by hand with a 5 gallon bucket of acid and a scotch brite pad, filtered 400 Bbls every Saturday. I ran the brewery at one of the busiest brewpubs in Northern New England, cleaned the kegs and casks by hand, developed a couple of my own recipes. The words elbow and grease come to mind. Don't be confused, I'm not whining, I'm quite proud of the hard work and effort I've put into an industry I love so much. However, I feel it's time to take the next step for my career. I would like to get into the sales side of process equipment, possibly with training and implementation included in that. In my former life before becoming a brewer, I was a bartender and server, so I definitely come from a sales background, but I am a brewer first, salesman second. I would love to travel for work, but would like to still be based in Maine, my wife and I enjoy our life there. I'm a geek when it comes to craft brewing, always have been. I'm loyal and hard working, extremely honest, confident, but not cocky. If anybody out there is reading this and is thinking to themselves, "This guy kinda sounds like what we're looking for", get in touch, I'd be glad to send you my resume and a cover letter, and we could go from there.