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12-10-2002, 02:58 PM
Thanks to all who provided feedback regarding my coffee beer posting. "The Breakfast Buzz" went on tap last friday 12/6/02. I am very pleased w/the finished product. A nice coffee aroma and subtle, but noticeable, coffee flavor. A few of you asked for info. about the finished product and how I got there. So here it is.

Like I had planned, I added 5 lbs of coarsely ground French Roast to the mash. Following fermentation and a few weeks of maturing, I transferred to the serving vessel. I then coarsely ground 8 lbs of Kenyan Grand Cru, and placed it in a sanitized nylon bag inside a sanitized 5 gal. corny. From the serving tank, I filled the corny with the beer. I allowed the beer/coffee to sit over night and then pushed the beer back into the serving tank. I repeated this process three times over the next few days, sampling after each. The third time provided the coffe character that I was after. I originally planned to add the coffee directly to the serving tank in the nylon bag. After discussing my plan with a coffee beer pro in Pittsburgh I switched to the above method. If I were to make another coffee beer I would certainly repeat this process and recommend it to anyone thinking of trying a coffee brew. I'm sure that this method would work with other "flavored" beers. Probably the best feature of this method is the gradual introduction of flavor-coffee in this case. There is virtually no risk of over-doing it. Cheers to all who provided info.

Jeff Petruso
Deep Creek Brewing Co.