View Full Version : Driven, hard-working, and passionate Siebel student seeking entry-level

04-08-2013, 07:40 PM
My name is David Rosen and I am currently working on completing an Associate in Brewing Technology program from the Siebel Institute. I am looking for an entry-level opportunity to the brewing industry. I am completely open-minded and willing to relocate.

In addition to my Siebel education, I have undergraduate degrees in Economics and Environmental Studies. I have around 20 hours of volunteer work on a 15 bbl system with introduction to brewery CIP, shoveling grain, and racking. I am also forklift certified. My enthusiasm is demonstrated by my 4 years of all-grain brewing at home with a continual ambition to learn and improve.

I am the hardest working, most committed, and reliable person looking to get into the brewing industry. My modest experience leaves an opportunity to be trained according to established SOPís (Standard Operating Procedures). I am a quick-learner that absorbs and retains information constantly. Also, I contribute a unique a sense of environmental stewardship, community, and outdoor recreation to the brewing team with overall company profits in mind.

Please contact me with any opportunities at: