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06-15-2013, 09:41 PM
Aaron Gillham

Teri Fahrendorf - teri@roadbrewer.com
Elan Walsky - 303-817-6110
Charlie VanMeter - 971-285-1696

I'm a young passionate individual dedicated to a career in the brewing industry. Lots of reading, and hands on experience has made me comfortable with a wide variety of ingredients, techniques, and recipe formulation. I'm not afraid to take on extra responsibilities, and work well under fast paced or intense circumstances. I am lacking lots of experience in large scale production brewing however. I am a hard working employee, a quick learner, and if given the opportunity, and proper training I am certain I could become a valuable asset to any brewery. Thank you for taking the time to read my resume, and please feel free to contact me anytime.

Aaron Gillham

Prior Experience:

Coalition Brewing Co. {internship} (2-13/5-13)
Measuring of ingredients for brewing(hops, grains, additives, etc.)
Cleaning brewing equipment(valves, hopback, etc.)
CIP mash tun & kettle
Checking carbonation levels
Cleaning kegs
Racking beer to bright tanks
Kegging off finished beer
CIP fermentors & bright tanks
General cleaning/scrubbing of the floor and tanks as needed
Sample beers at tastings, and promote the business

Portland U-Brew & Pub {P.U.B.} (6-11/ 02-13)

Since I started with P.U.B. before they were open it was my task to fully set up and stock the homebrew store. I was also in charge of ordering all of the grains, hops, yeast, and chemicals that supplied the brewery, and the home brew store on an everyday basis.

Some daily duties include:
Pouring beers for customers
Weighing out & grinding the grain bills for our house recipes
Stocking hops, yeast, and grain
Cleaning(sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows, etc)
General customer service, and answering phone calls
Creating house recipes for Portland U-Brew, and our Brew on Premises customers as well (about 200 total)
In depth explanation of all facets of recipe formulation, ingredients, brewing process/techniques, fermentation, history, styles, and anything else the customers could think of.

I also did a lot of the Promotions & Public Relations like putting up posters, attending "Meet the Brewer" type events, and helping to organize events and brewf ests at our own brewery/taphouse/home brew store.

While at P.U.B. I helped start a loosely knit home brew club called the "Brewer's Collective" which I intended to be a more laid back club than some of the others. It had great success, but sadly after about 9 months it became a little too much in addition to my regular work at P.U.B. Two other home brewers took the reigns, and it continues to be a good part of the home brewing community.

Above the Rest Beer and Wine Homebrewing Supply (04-09 / 03-11)

Daily Duties:
Helping customers in the store by answering questions, and helping to gather ingredients.
Explanation of ingredients(hops, yeast, grain, etc.), beer styles, and brewing processes/techniques.
Ordering supplies for the store(hardware for brewing, hops, yeast, grain, etc.)
Cleaning, stocking, and organizing the store.
Teaching home brew classes

Bon Appetite {Intel Aloha Campus} (02-08/03-09)

Super customer service orientated food preparation. Including breakfast, lunch, and daily specials. Omelette’s, burritos, hot sandwiches, fried foods, burgers, and more. All done on a one-on-one basis with customers in my own immaculately clean area. All daily prep for my area was my responsibility, and I was in charge of creating the day’s breakfast special.

Gustav’s Pub and Grill (06-07/02-08)
Daily Duties:

I worked in a very fast paced, high volume kitchen making desserts, hot sandwiches, salads, and fried foods.

Hawthorne Farm Athletic Club 01-07/05-07
Daily Duties:
-Taking in house & phone orders
-Prep cooking
-Putting away deliveries
-Slicing meats
-General customer service
-Setting up for/and breaking down large and small catering events
-Some bar tending experience