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06-24-2013, 09:05 AM
We bought a 35 cpm canning line from China a while back. It needs some work to get going, and we're not the ones to do it. We're crunched for time and don't have the staff to cover normal operations. This is a good opportunity for a brewery (or cidery), to save a lot money and time (5 month lead times from Wild Goose/Cask) if you have any sort of tinkering ability.

The manufacturer is Sheenstar, and it was purchased new in 2012.

We have some spare parts, but we've already replaced all the gaskets, springs, clamps, bearings etc with new stuff.

The footprint is about 20' long by 5' wide, although you could really configure it however you want. The main components are a seamer (about 3'X3'), a filler (about 4'X3'), and a twist rinse (about 8'X1'X 7' tall). These are connected by conveyors, which you could orient and bend however you wanted.

Power is 3 phase 208v

See the links below for a couple videos.


The reasons the line isn't running right now are as follows:

-some of the cans are not filled to the correct height, this is because the base of the valve needs to be adjusted and the cans were getting dented before filling (we have not had time to adjust them very well...I spent about 10 minutes after we put the new rubber gaskets on, a lot are OK, a few need some more time which I do not have right now)
-the lid dropper is not perfect, some of the cans go through without a lid...this should be a relatively easy fix. Note the end of the filler video where the first couple cans get seamed without lids...I forgot to connect the air.
-sorry about the orientation, not sure why the video did that and I don't know how to fix it

For any other info, please email me at ross@downeastcider.com. I don't respond to private messages or responses on the thread, so please send all inquiries to my email.

We want to get rid of this line, it's taking up valuable space, all offers will be considered.

10-11-2013, 05:09 AM
Update: canning line is still available. The tank is not.