View Full Version : Bottling Line Recommendations?

05-25-2005, 11:12 PM
Does anyone have a recommendation for a new (not used) Bottling Line in the 20 bpm range for under $100K US? That is: Rinser/Rotary Filler/Crowner/Labeler hand fed on/off. Also looking for a manufacturer that has a reliable supply of spare parts and after purchase support.

Another requirement is low airs at fill. So a system with pre-evac.


Rob Creighton
05-26-2005, 04:55 PM
After 25 years of running bottle lines in big companies and small ranging from 2 BPM to 1200 bpm my ideal bottling line is:

manual feed to a single-filer with rotary vibration on SS chain

9 head rotary rinser using <10ppm solution to drain

9 head long tube filler with a small diameter bowl which limits surface area for air pick up and CO2 loss and absolutely no PLC running it

3 head crowner with easily accessible crowning mechanisms

exterior bottle rinse

air wash over bottle to remove surface liquid

rotary labeler with minimal # of handling and aggregate heads for cold glue or better yet - a decorated bottle!

a rotary packing table channeled to allow multiple bottle pick-up

Simple & easy and designed to run 10 HL/hr forever. 1 operator for the line and 1 makeup/loading/transfer human

U-shape is mandatory by-the-way. It ain't rocket science but I could sleep at night with this. If I need more than this, sell to some sleazy corporate scumbag trying to conquer the beer world (no attitude there!). Never, ever surrender!

I know this sounds like equipment that exists from present suppliers but once again, I run these things for a living and it is merely my fantasy.


05-27-2005, 06:42 AM
Thanks Bob & Brian for your input!

Rob, too bad that system is a dream!

It seems to me that someone could make a decent filler/crowner that is reliable, and doesnt cost $250K. They are complex pieces of equipment, and sales opportunities are few.

Can anyone ballpark estimate a small line from SMB?

Thanks again for all your input.