View Full Version : Acid Rinse post Star Super/Liquid Line Cleaner

08-19-2013, 08:47 AM
Friends and Neighbors,

Our brewery has recently changed from using Lava hot (170-190) PBW for CIP on FVs/Brites to either liquid circ. cleaner or Star Super (both from Five Star), at similar Lava hot temperatures, and low concentrations based on manufacturer recommendations. My question involves the uses of acid after detergent CIP. Our current protocol is a 140 degree potable water rinse, followed by Saniclean. Is this acid sanitizer an appropriate substitute to using an acid rinse with an acid such as #5 from five star? I have yet to notice any rust in our FVs or brites, but my boss and I have been kicking around the idea to re-passivate the vessels at least twice a year. Sorry if this is topic has been covered elsewhere, or is in an inappropriate part of the boards, I'm new to the forums and have yet to unlock the magic powers of the search engine.