View Full Version : Seeking new distributor license

08-26-2013, 07:17 PM
Actually, my brother is. He has dealt with several folks that want to distribute their beer but cannot get the attention of any of the (2) distributors we have here. They also want a huge part of the action.

I have a few questions regarding a distributor license. I am in KS but maybe some generality will do.

1. I may seek to open my own small brewery. Will this be a consideration or concern with the ABC if I work with my brother to distribute my beer?

2. Books - is this a situation where there is a fed in every orifice you have?

3. ABC - what are the guidelines regarding business hours, visits, inspections, etc? I don't think he has the plan to make this a core business and would be run by only 1-2 people moving small qty of product.