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Karl Strauss
09-06-2013, 05:56 PM
Karl Strauss Brewing Company in San Diego looking for a Brewery Plant Manager to join our growing team!

The Brewery Plant Manager will work closely with the VP of Beer to ensure a coordinated effort in implementing strategies and realizing company beer objectives, including managing to key expansion and growth initiatives relating to our beer business goals. The Plant Manager oversees management of beer brewing and packaging operations, maintenance, and quality control within the company.

Leadership Oversight of Plant Operations:

Oversees all brewery plant operations including production, packaging, maintenance and Quality Control; Direct reports include Quality Control Manager, Head Brewer, and Equipment Maintenance & Packaging Supervisor.
Responsible for all team member management responsibilities including hiring, training and development, coaching, performance appraisals and progressive discipline for the direct report team.
Oversees the design, operation and improvement of systems that create and deliver the company’s products and services.
Utilizes the principles of lean management to improve all production, supply, and quality functions: optimizes performance, controls inventories, improves quality and ensures on-time delivery of customer orders. Analyzes the overall brewing operations regularly; making recommendations on ways to improve efficiency and reduce cost where possible through innovation and economies of scale.
Participates in the development, implementation and evaluation of long-term and short-term planning.
Translates overall company business strategy into operational goals and objectives for the brewery.
Collaborates on all production activities and creates schedules in accordance with sales forecasts and demands.
Works closely with the VP of Beer to maintain and monitor staffing, expenditures, and resource management to fulfill organizational requirements. Researches industry trends to continuously evolve the brewery operations standards.
Participates/audits brewery shifts (brewing, packaging, cellaring, filtering, cleaning, etc.) at all brewery locations to ensure that procedures and protocols are being upheld.
Inspects the main brewery and all satellite breweries to ensure operations are in alignment with company quality, sanitation, and safety standards.
Oversees procurement efforts and negotiations for brewery and packaging goods.
Assesses equipment purchases to maximize benefit from capital investments.
Collaborates on inventory management efforts including raw materials, packaging and finished goods.
Defines, prioritizes and oversees equipment improvement projects to ensure maximum benefit.
Conducts research and analysis on all brewing equipment expenditures, ensuring the most efficient and effective systems are being procured. Ensures a safe working environment for employees by maintaining facility and equipment in optimal working conditions.

Fiscal and Administration:

Collaborates in the planning and formulation of plant policies and procedures.
Devises standard operating practices for the plant and develops plans for the efficient use of materials, machines, capital and employees.
Establishes key metrics and develops/implements plans to achieve targets, working closely with finance to develop accurate lean accounting, inventory control and additional financial tools designed to support the managers and drive decisions and actions that are cost effective.
Reviews financial statements, sales and activity reports, and other performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement and to determine areas needing cost reduction and program improvement.
Evaluates operating results throughout the brewery to ensure that beer growth objectives are being met and ensures that relevant key metrics are communicated to the team.

Quality Control:

Ensures Karl Strauss continues to brew the highest quality beers possible.
Provides review and oversight of Quality Control techniques and procedures.
In conjunction with QC, identifies tactics for improving the quality and consistency of our beer.
Reviews and assesses Quality Control reports in concert with QC Manager, Head Brewer and applicable senior management.

Necessary Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

BA/BS in Business Operations, Engineering, or Management, with strong math, science, electrical and analytical background is required. MBA is preferred.
A minimum of 10 years of increasing plant management experience within a batch manufacturing environment.
Solid working knowledge of the beer and brewing industry is preferred. Excellent leadership skills with the proven ability to lead and motivate team members.
Proven decision making and analytical skills in addition to strong financial acumen.
Extensive knowledge of OSHA and safety standards, governmental regulatory requirements, lean manufacturing methodologies, and Production Management systems.
Prior experience in a fast paced environment which is heavily integrated with other functional departments.
Demonstrated ability to develop and implement a long-term plan while multi-tasking, prioritizing and easily adapting to changing situations. Professional and proficient verbal and written communication skills.

If interested in this position please submit your resume and cover letter along with salary requirements to jobs@karlstrauss.com, utilizing reference code BPM913. For more information about Karl Strauss Brewing Company, please visit our website at www.karlstrauss.com (http://www.karlstrauss.com).