View Full Version : Leaking kegs?!? Does this happen to anyone else using Mstar?

10-24-2013, 10:06 AM
Hey all,

I've been kegging beer for 14 years, and I've been kegging beer the exact same way for 7 years and never run into this: we've been getting charged back from our primary distributor for an inordinate amount of kegs that leak out beer (these are American sankey D style) very slowly. I was hesitant to believe it, but then we started finding some in our own cold-storage inventory; filled kegs that were slowly leaking out, representing as beer under the keg cap that had turned the sanitizer cloudy with beer, and sometimes you could still see very tiny bubbles leaking out from either right around the ball portion of the stem up through the beery sanitizer, or around the backside of the gasket. Even crazier: this has happened from kegs from both our breweries (we have two), kind of eliminating a lot of our theories. We've checked for nicked couplers that fill the kegs and clean the kegs to no avail. My only remaining theory is that we got a bunch of pallets of unmarked leaky-seal kegs from distributors returning bad kegs through the Microstar network. Anyone else ever had a leaky-keg pandemic like this out of nowhere? BTW, we're talking maybe 1 sixtel leaking per pallet of 20 filled sixtels. About that ratio. But still, I'm not exactly used to losing 1/20th of my damn profits!!! I'd love to hear of any similar experiences!


Taylor Smack
Blue Mountain Brewery
Blue Mountain Barrel House