View Full Version : Full 15bbl brewery/restaurant in Montana

11-07-2013, 05:33 AM
Our head brewer is looking to sell his brewery that is currently in operation with distribution throughout the state in Montana. He is looking to sell it as a turn key brewery/restaurant. The brewery consists of:

-15 bbl brewhouse (Mash tun from JVNW and Kettle from Bohemian)
-1x 15 bbl brite (1x JVNW glycol jacketed tank)
-3x 15 bbl fermenters (2x Bohemian, glycol jacketed and 1x 4 year old glycol jacketed tank)
-3x10 bbl fermenters (3x JVNW glycol jacketed tanks)
-Heat Exchanger (Pro-Flo 6 years old)
-Grain mill and auger
-IDD keg washer (Squire, rebuilt 3 years ago)
-100+ kegs (1/6 bbl and 1/2 bbl)
-New walk in cooler addition
-New glycol pump installed 2 months ago
-Plate Filter (velo 40x40 with converter plate, includes sight glasses and valves)
-2 carbonation stones
-Tanks are fully equipped with valves, o-rings, pressure relief valves, etc.
-Brew hoses

-Complete kitchen
-Valcon Stove
-2 basket fryer
-Commercial Hood

Restaurant and Brewery currently in full operation in Livingston, Montana. Owner starting new brewery in Florida and looking to sell current brewery. Please contact Dustin and dustin@saltwaterbrewery.com for more information.