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08-06-2005, 10:11 AM
[I posted this on another section, but received no replies, maybe someone here can help me!]

I have used Pauls chocolate malt in a porter recipe recently vs William Crisp chocolate and found that my porter with Pauls has thrown a diacetyl flavor, even though all other factors were equal (temp, healthy yeast, VDK rest, maturation time, brewhouse procedures, ect...). This flavor (flavour) was very pronounced with the Pauls, yet the Crisp had a roasty character, as one would expect with the higher roasting levels of the malt. Can the only factor of malt in such limited quantity (less than 10%) have such a big impact to sway toward a butterfest? This is the only factor that has changed in the recipe and as soon as it did, the D flavour was gone! I understand that caramel malt compounds can be perceived as the big D, is this something that someone else has come across? Feedback on Pauls Choco would be good to hear, maybe our English friends could chime in...

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Cargill Malt
08-08-2005, 10:23 AM
It sounds as though a fermentation issue or a contamination may be the cause for the diacetyl in that particular batch of beer. I know of no mechanism whereby chocolate malt, or any other type of malt would increase the level of diacetyl in beer. It is true that certain types of malt may mask the flavor somewhat, and some may give the impression of more diacetyl as they impart a similar flavor (caramel malts). The substitution of one chocolate malt for another would not suggest that this is what's going on here due to the similarity of the products. Any masking/accentuation would be likewise similar.


08-09-2005, 10:26 PM
That was my first thought also. No other batches showed this characteristic with the same yeast, same gen, ect. Have made this porter three times over a few months and it is the only one to give this flavor. As soon as I changed to Crisp, its gone. Pauls 350L vs. Crisp 600L....would you not expect to taste a difference? I am perplexed because the only thing that I did to change this was to go to Crisp choco instead.