View Full Version : Experienced Craft Field Sales and National Accounts Manager

MJ in Phoenix
02-13-2014, 07:56 AM
February 13, 2014

Good day brewing industry friends,

If you are looking for an experienced field sales manager, someone who can manage your new or existing distributor network, someone who can manage your self distributing sales staff, and/or you need some one who can make national, regional, and local chain on and off premise calls for you, then you have found some one to add to your team. My background includes positions at several major suppliers, a small start up, and both a large wholesaler and a small self-distributing brewery.

What I am looking for is a position where I can help a brewing company reach the next level, working out on the streets with wholesalers driving sales goals, achieving distribution plans, educating newer members of your sales force about selling, leading a team to force expansion of the brewing facility. I enjoy seeing a wholesaler during the morning, calling on a chain buyer in the afternoon, and setting up a jockey box at night at a charity event to increase sampling and reach of the brewery. I want to become an integral cog in your operation.

I am happy to share my resume with you as well as my LinkedIn profile; please send me an email and we can begin a conversation. mjinphoenix@yahoo.com

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to speaking with you soon.