View Full Version : Plastic Keg Branding/Labeling

05-29-2014, 08:43 AM
We have some plastic kegs that we need to put some sort of branding/labeling on. I know many people use keg tape or keg wraps with their logo and brand name on it, but looking at the prices for a roll or two of keg tape, I'm wondering if there are other options.

I've seen people spray paint their brand names onto stainless kegs. Would this be an option for plastic kegs? It would definitely be less expensive than a $300 roll of custom tape.

There is a company that sells black and white custom tape for roughly $80 per roll. It's a reasonable price, but the proof that they sent me does not look very good. The words in our logo don't show up very well for some reason. Plus, I would prefer colored tape if we go with the tape method.

Any ideas?