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11-10-2014, 04:26 PM
We're looking at getting a small cold room (as we don't have one at all) for our 7bbl setup. Our serving tanks are jacketed and we sell the vast majority right across our bar. Anyway, we think we can kick up production a little and get some beer to draft accounts and as such, we're looking into this small 6x10' version seen below:


We don't need much, but these models tend to come with the thin smooth aluminum coated 4" foam floor, that from what I could tell wouldnt last long at being used to store kegs, yeast brink kegs etc... Given that we have a brand new slab coated with a duraflex urethane concrete finish, we'd rather get the version without the floor that way we can roll things in and not have a 4" step up to deal with and then our tougher floor (that we've already paid handsomely for) could handle the abuse, and the cold room would be cheaper overall... So can we just get this thing and build it over our existing floor (as in we get the cold room without a floor), or do we need to prep our floor via some kind of insulation etc?

Any input is appreciated as always.

11-11-2014, 06:40 AM
Our cooler floor is the same as the floor in the brewery. no insulation at all never had a problem