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11-20-2014, 04:36 PM
We're ramping up for permit submittal for a 15bbl brewpub. I'm very familiar with Cool-Fit and am pricing it. There's a few hits on the forum here for Aquatherm as glycol piping, thought I'd post a new thread on it.

Anyone using Aquatherm that can lend first hand experience? Any anecdotal 2nd hand input?


Ornery Beer Company
Woodbridge, Va.

Ted Briggs
03-02-2015, 09:59 AM
also wondering...

03-02-2015, 10:20 AM
We are using Aquatherm and really like it. On our initial install we had 3 20bbl Unis, 2 10bbl Unis, a 20bbl BBT and a 10bbl BBT in the loop as well as a prechiller for our heat ex. The Aquatherm guys said it wouldn't need to be insulated, but it really did since we were seeing some sweating, not really a big deal. We had the guys doing the install run Aquatherm to the solenoids and then final connections via PEX to accommodate easy bends and possible minor shifting of equipment.

The installers were impressed with the ease of installation and I was impressed by how little trash I collected out of the screen trap on my chiller.

When we recently added 2 30bbls and 3 2bbls Unis into the system, the upgrade was easy. They cut a few holes, made the runs and we were back up and running pretty quick. On this expansion we had the new loop stubbed for future expansion to avoid any down time whatsoever; they tie into existing T's, connect to tanks, open and close a couple valves and we are online.

The only downside I saw was that installation required a specialized iron for the heat welds. Our Aquatherm dealer provided the hardware for that, but we had to return it when finished. It wouldn't really be cost effective for a smaller brewery to purchase that stuff outright. Still, we were able to get it when we needed it and they didn't rush us for a return when our schedule ran over (which was due to issues with solenoids, not Aquatherm).