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12-01-2014, 10:53 AM
Hello my name is Chris LaSpada. I am a college graduate with a Business degree in Management and experience working in Business Operations and Project Management Coordination. In school I studied Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship so I have a nice breadth of knowledge across many aspects of business.
For the last six years I have worked in different industries, but mainly the financial sector in New York City for various companies including Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. Unfortunately the Financial industry, despite being lucrative, did not satisfy my underlying desire to pursue a career in the craft beer sector, an interest that turned into a burgeoning passion. Beyond my business experience (which I have attached a detailed resume of), my "Beer Resume" includes being an avid homebrewer for 6 years, last year I passed the Beer Cicerone Server level exam (with plans to take the Certification level soon), and have recently been certified as a BCJP judge. Also before I decided to join the business sector, I was an assistant manager of a beer and liquor store in New Jersey where I first ignited my passion for craft beer. Here is a brief synopsis of that:
Assisted customers needs in purchases and made knowledgeable recommendations.
Learned how to better communicate with customers face-to-face, improved my interpersonal skills, and gained the necessary confidence to make a sale and stand behind a recommendation.
Was solely responsible for nightly audit balancing and beer inventory procurement.
Regularly reached monthly incentive quotas directed from management, which lead to increased profit and decreased overhead which gave increased responsibility as an assistant manager.
Although I am currently located in New Jersey, I am willing to relocate to pretty much anywhere in the continental United States, wherever my particular talents can be best put to use to help an already established or emerging craft brewery (or even a company related to the industry for that matter). Working for large financial institutions has felt quite hollow for the last several years and I look to utilize the knowledge I have accumulated over the years in both craft beer and the business world to assist a company that I truly believe in, to thrive in today's ever-growing craft beer sector. I am also willing to enroll in any additional educational/training courses which would be required to take on any available position.
Additional skills and job experience are listed in my attached resume.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story,
Christopher LaSpada